22- All his smiles are mine

He was a tall and lean man. He was attractive with sharp features. His skin was fair and spotless. He was wearing black pants and a white shirt. Trevor looked at him approaching them with just one thought in his mind 'my man is definitely the best', they could tell that he was an Alpha by the smell of his pheromones. The man seem gentle but if you looked at him more intently in his eyes, you could see a little cunning attempt in it.Trevor frowned when seeing that the man was coming closer to their table.

He prayed that he was coming for Sammy because he didn't have the energy to deal with someone pestering him. Plus Max was coming he didn't want him to have any misunderstandings about the situation. But he knew deep down that the man was surely coming for him Sammy being a dominant alpha. He sighed already thinking about how he should reject the man without causing to much outburst. Being an omega wasn't a pleasure all day long.

Sammy looked at the man with pity, think

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