Chapter 301

Want To See Him

Lewis held her in his arms as he still could not let her go-

Crista had lost a lot of blood and had no strength left in her to struggle. She could only watch as Martin and his men helped William up.

"Let go of me, Lewis! I want to be with him. I want to be with him!" Crista was scared. No one could tell what would happen to William as he had gotten shot in his chest.

However, she hoped that he would be fine, and wanted to be by his side.

William tried his best to stand up and said, "Chica, wait for me!" No matter how strong he was, he still could not help but faint. Martin shouted his name a few times before he looked at Crista and carried William out of there.

He didn't take Crista with him because he could not afford to waste time now. If they continued to deal with Lewis, then William was going to die.

Holding Crista in his arms, Lewis walked step by step towards Anpu, who was lying

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