Chapter 306

There Was Still No News About Her

Lewis walked over to Crista and saw her in a daze. "What's wrong, Chica? Do you feel sick?" Her face had turned paler, which worried him.

Looking at him, Crista remained silent. She didn't stop him when he put his coat on her shoulder and helped her sit on the bed. "If you don't feel good, then you'd better take rest. Don't you remember that the doctor asked you to rest in bed for the first three months?"

Lewis felt like he was talking to himself. Was she even listening to him? Crista reached out and touched her belly. Only when she felt the child in her belly would she feel relieved.

Leaning against the bed, Crista took a glance at the newspaper that was on the bedside table. She had not thrown it away yet. Perhaps she was using it to remind herself that she should not forget William.

Lewis sat next to her and talked to her, but Crista ignored him and fell asleep. A bitter smile appeared on Lewis' lips. He could talk for hours, but she would sti
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