Chapter 4 Compromise

Crista changed her clothes and walked out of the bathroom. William was waiting outside. He took a quick glance at her as his jaws clenched. Without another word, he turned and stormed out. She ran after him obediently.

The car ride was most awkward, which made her shrink into the corner. The air inside the silver Bentley was so tense that Crista could only took out of the window and pray it'd end soon.

Whenever he'd shift for the slightest, she'd tremble, fearing he'd pull her close without her consent.

The car ride was mostly silent. An hour late, they reach William's luxurious willa. The elegant villa an exquisite layout which only William could afford.

The car slid into the garage and came to a halt. William got off the car and ordered her in a bitter tone, " Got off! "

The Jin Family also owned a villa, but it was incomparable to William's enormous one. She timidly followed behind William, taking each step cautiously.

" Sir, you are back. " The butler, Ben, ran up to them and glanced at the beautiful woman behind William, but said nothing.

William didn't respond as he went to the living room and sat down on the sofa. Maria came out shorthly and served him coffee in a delicate and expensive coffee cup. " Sir, here is your coffee. " William had a habit of drinking coffee at this time.

William smelled the strong fragrance of the coffee, made from the top class Jamaican coffee beans. It was his favorite smell.

Crista, meanwhile, stood there uneasily. The serious ambience inside the villa reminded her again that she didn't belong her. But, the fact was, she couldn't escape.

Suddenlly, the coffee cup fell to the ground and broke into pieces with a bang. " Sir! " Maria exclaimed and immediately went to clean it up, but stopped midway when William help up his hand.

" You, come her and clean it up! " he gesture to Crista and ordered cruelly. Crista flinched in surprise. She looked up at him, flabbergasted.

" Mrs. Ding, what's wrong? Didn't you hear me? Or do you want to defy me? " William asked sarcastically.

Crista blink, averted her gaze. It didn't matter to him if she was relunctant to do it, he'd make her do it anyway. Besides, she had done such things in the Jin Family before.

For her, It was an easy task. Crista quietly bent down, picked up the pieces one by one and threw them intothe trash can. Maria gave her the duster cloth, which she used to clean the floor afte picking up the pieces.

Her eyes fell on the coffee stains on his shoes. She carefully wiped them with tissue papers, fearing he might kick her if he disliked the act.

But her cautiousness didn't prevent him from despising her. To the woman he hated the most, he would show no mercy.

However, William couldn't understand why Crista was being so compromising. He never expected her to obey him without questioning anything.

Suddenly, he withdrew his feet, slightly unsure of how he should react. Crista looked up him, half scared, half consfused. Did she do something wrong? Wasn't he satisfied?

William leaned forward and grabbed her chin forcefully. " From now on, you'll stay in here without making any fuss. You're not allowed to go out without my permission. Also, you'll have to take care of everything I'd want you to do. Do you understand? " he questioned with an authoritative tone. She understood that he wanted her to live here as a servant and not as Mrs. Ding. 

" Yes! " Crista nodded.

" Good girl! " He acknowledged her answer before standing up and walking away.

" Wait, I have something to ask. " Seeing that he was about to leave, Crista stopped hin in a hurry.

William turned towards her. " If you need anything, just ask Ben or Maria. " He didn't want to talk to her anymore.

" No! Not that! " Crista reached for his hand and held it hesitantly before saying, " I'm willing to do whenever you ask me to do, but I want to go to school. "

She wanted to go to school? William was taken aback. Was it a joke? " You want to go to school? Are you kidding me? You are Cristine Jin, Now Mrs.Ding You can get whatever you want. Then why do you want to go to school? Beside, as far as my knowledge tells me, you never were a good student. " He snorted.

Crista didn't know what to say. Cristine might have never cared about anything, but Crista was different. She wanted to stand on her own feet and fulfill her dreams.

" Don't bother me anymore! " He pushed her away, turned back and left there after.

" Mr.Ding " Crista, however, didn't give up so easily. She wanted to follow him, but was stopped by Maria. " You can't go upstairs! You can't go up to the second floor without premission! "

" No? Why? " Crista need to talk to him anyhow. It took her a lot of effort to get into the university. She had worked the whole summer vacation to earn the course fees. Then how could she give up so easiy?

She ran upstairs as soon as Maria was a little distracted. When she barged in to his room, William yelled aloud, extremely infuriated, " Who allowed you to come upstairs? "

Crista flinched and realize, she had been reckless. She shouldn't have come at the second floor without his permission.

" Get out!" Seeing that Crista was still standing at the door, William roared again.

Crista flinched again at the intensity of how he spke. She quickly looked down and didn't dare to look up at him again. She just wanted to run and hide from him.

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