Chapter 5 Promised

William norrowed his eys and walked up to her " As far as I heard, they call you brave. Then why are you afraid now? "

" I... I just want to go to school " Crista stuttered, lowering her head.

" If you've come here to talk about school, you don't have to. Because that won't happen. " William had never thought that Cristine would beg for his permission to go to school. He believed she was trying to fool him, so that she could meet her friends outside and do whatever she wanted.

Crista was crestfallen when he denied her request. Could she never go to school again?. She would graduate in two years. If he denied her now, her dreams would never get fulfilled.

Seeing that Crista stood there flabbergasted, William ignored her and walked into the bathroom, expecting she'd just leave. But when he came out, she was still standing at the door. She was indeed a stubborn woman.

When he didn't acknowledge her, her head hung low. Heartbroken, Crista turned around to leave.

" Wait! " but William stopped her.

Crista immediately turned around and looked at him expectantly. He was now sitting on the sofa and smoking.

Their eyes met as she waited for him to say something. However, he didn't speak until he finished his cigarette. His gaze was intimidating that it made Crista scared instantly. She reminded herself of the events of last night. It was like a nightmare and she didn't want that to happen again. She just wanted to run and hide from him.

When she daw he wasn't going to say anything, she turned to leave. " That's all you got for your patience? " William mocked her slowly. His voice made her stop again.

This time Crista  didn't stand at the door. SHe walked up to him and asked, "So do you agree?"

William arose and stood barely a foot apart from her. He lifted her chin using his fingertip and made her look ito his eyes. " How many men are waiting for you outside? Why are you so eager to go out? Hmmm? " he asked her in a harsh tone.

" What? I don't know what are you talking about. I just want to go to school! " No matter how timid her response sounded, she would not give up.

She knew what kind of person Cristine was. The reason why she married this mas for Cristine was to protect the Jin Family and her foster father Bert.

All she did until now was to repay him, but she couldn't lose her dreams anymore for that matter.

" You know what? I hate being cheated the most. " William stated in a harsh way. Crista gave a stiff nod. She hadn't lied to him except hiding her identity.

" If I ever get to know you lie to me, you can't even imagine the price you'll have to pay! " William would like to see how far Cristine could go. He wanted to catch her red-handed.

" Okey! I understand. I will only go to school and come back home. I won't go anywhere else. " She promised him. He gave her permission to go to school. But she couldn't continue her work. Because, It was evident that he wouldn't allow that.

William ordered her " Leave now! " He didn't like her dirty appearance on the second floor, specially in his room.

Crista bowed. " Thank you! Mr. Ding. " She didn't dare to get close to the devil and left quietly there after.

There was no difference between living in Jin Villa and living in Ding Villa. Her biological parents abandoned her at birth. So Crista had this strong belief that she was destined to be lonely all her life. That was why she always focused on fulfilling her dreams and standing by herself.

William said nothing anymore. He saw her disappearing as his jaw clenched.

Crista was given a small room on the first floor. The was a small bed and a desk. A window was there to fill the room with daylight. It was in fact, much better than what she had in Jin Family villa. The only disadvantage was she had lost her freedom here.

" Mr. Ding asked me to tell you that you cannot leave the mansion unless he orders. If you need anything, you can ask me." Maria politely said.

" Thank you Maria! I'll remember that. " Standing in the middle, Crista eyed around the room. She had nothing here that belonged to her. Most of her things were still in her previous house, and some of them were at school. She needed to buy some necessary items, clothes for example. But she couldn't go out.

After a while, Maria brought her some daily necessities along with some new clothes. Crista wasn't expecting that. She was gratly relieved after seeing them. SHe hoped, living here wouldn't be as bad as she was predicting.

Having nothing to do in her room, Crista went to the kitchen to help them cook. Maria was surprised to see her in the kitchen. She had heard that Mr. Ding had married a spoiled and arrogant lady. But Mrs.Ding hadn't shown anything yet that could match that description.

Noticing that Crista was an expert in washing and cutting vegetables, Maria asked, " Mrs. Ding, can you cook? ".

Crista answered with a smile, " Not too much, only some simple dishes. " Crista learned cookinh from the servants of Jin Family.

" Would you like to prepare the lunch for Mr. Ding? " Maria asked her suddenly. She was wrong in perceiving that Mrs. Ding was just a rich and spoiled lady with a hot-temper. Maria could see now, she was very different from what she heard.

Crista stopped washing the vegetables and turned towards her. " Wouldn't that make Mr.Ding angry? " It was true that she was very scared of him. Besides, She didn't want to lose the chance to go back to school beacause of her cooking for him.

" No! he won't be angry. Mr. Ding doesn't talk too much and might look intimidating, but in reality, he is easy to get along with. Besides, he is not too picky about food. He won't even notice. " Maria had been working in the villa for how many years. She knew how Mr. Ding might react.

Crista considered Maria's words carefully. She said he was easy to get alone with. But it was not true for Crista. One intimidating look from him could make her tremble all over. She just knew they would never get along with each other.

His cold gaze always made her feel like she was in a world of ice and darkness.

However, as long as he didn't deliberately make difficult for her, she would stick to her own duty and mind her own business. To avoid his wrath, she would listen to him no matter what he wanted her to do. After all, she was his wife whom he bought with money.

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