Chapter 6 A Chance

As a food was serve, William stared at the dishes and realize they differed from what Maria usually cooked.

He believe that Maria didn't cook the food herself. Seeing that William wasn't eating and only staring intently at the food, Maria informed, " Today's lunch is made by Mrs. Ding ".

One of William's eyebrows raised up as he shifted his gaze at Crista. " You can cook? ".

" Only a few simple dishes. " Crista answered honestly as her cheeks took a red hue. But she was well aware of his disdain from his words. It was discernable that she made an unnecessary move.

William however, averted his gaze from her and began to eat slowly, savoring the taste. Standing next to him, Crista felt uneasy. She was afraid that he wouldn't like the food and scold her again.

After finishing the food in silence, William finally put down his chopstick and turned towards her. " Since you can cook, I can assume you won't have any problems in cooking for your husband. I want you to prepare my everyday meal from now on, but each meal must be different. " 

He did it on purpose. Since she voluntarily cooked for him, he wanted to see how long she could pretend to be a good girl.

Crista was slightly surprised when he seemed to enjoy the food cooked by her. Although, he gave her a moderately difficult task now, she let out a sigh of relief that at least he wasn't angry with her.

Next morning as promised, William arranged a car for Crista to go to her school.

" Nico, you can drop me here." Crista asked the driver to stop a block ahead of her school.

" Mrs. Ding, Mr.Ding has strickly ordered me to drop you at the campus gate. " The driver, Nico, didn't listen to her and continue to drive towards the school.

Crista knew it was useless to say anything after that. She understood why William would do something like that. But she didn't like it.

Although she just started school and didn't know may people, she really wouldn't like to lead such a life in the future.

" Thank you Nico! " As they reach the campus gate, Crista climbed out of the car after thanking the driver.

Nico waited until she got into the school. After making sure she entered the school, he took out his phone and dialed William's number. " Mr.Ding, she has entered the school. "

"Keep and eye on her." William flatly ordered while standing before the window. His eyes were filled with distrust and coldness.

He was still suspicious. He still couldn't understand why Cristine was so eager to attend school.

Martin came in afte a while. " Mr.Ding ".

" Martin, here you are. have a seat. " William asked him to sit in the sofa as he joined him.

After sitting comfortably, MArtin eyed around the place and asked, " Where is she? " William understood that Martin was asking for Cristine's whereabout.

" Are you here to visit her? " William glanced at him sideway. Martin seldom came to meet him. Now that he finally came, he was asking for Cristine's whereabouts.

Martin gave him a sheepish smile. " Ofcourse not! " He was not interested in such a woman. Her appearance might look pure, but she was hiding a wanton personality inside her.

" Anyway, why are you here? " William lit the cigarette as he inquired.

" Bert has left for another city. " It was the reason why Martin asked if she was there.

" His intention is to run away. " William had already guessed it, so he wasn't even suprised. Bert possibly had his plan from the beginning. He sent his daughter to William so that he could escape easily.

" So Mr.Ding, do you think Mrs. Ding will also escape? " Martin feared that there was a great possibility of this to happen. Bert was a cunning man. He perhaps, had planned everything from the start.

Taking a drag of his cigarette, William smiled faintly and said, " She cannot escape. And Bert too. No matter where he goes, he can't escape from me. "

He allowed Cristine to leave the villa, because he had his spies everywhere. He knew, she couldn't deceive them just like that.

" Mr. Ding, how are you so confident? That woman is very sly. " Martin was worried that if William got captivated by this woman's beauty, it'd make a huge problem.

" You are right, she is indeed deceitful." William agreed. He was actually surprised that she was being so nice and obedient to him.

"Let's go! Come with me to inspect the work progress at the branch companies. " The Ding Group owned the real estate industry and hotel industry, as well as various entertainment venues. It also had a lot of other business along with the global credit companies.

" Mr. Ding, I'm glad to see you doing fine. " Martin was worried and collected as always, Martin felt relieved.

Mean while, Crista went to her dormitory to pack up her luggage, but only a small suitcase.

She had been so busy today at school. After attending many classes, she went to the library to study and make notes. A few of her friends came to talk to her when she was in her dormitory. She greeted them with a smile.

" I heard that you came here in a luxury car this morning. Is that true? " one of her friends asked curiously.

Crista was taken aback slightly. She wasn't expecting that question. However, she neither admitted nor denied it.

" It was true. I saw it with my two own eyes." another friend answered for her. " Crista, have you found yourself a rich man?. Of course! you are so beautiful. Any rich man would be interested in you. "

Her friends were so sure that she found herself a rich man without telling anyone. That was why she was leaving the dormitory. However, no one knew the truth that she was sold, and she might never have her freedom back all her life.

" Wow! How old is he? Is he a bald-headed old man? " Her friends wwere very curious. THey joked, but actually they wanted to know the truth. No one could imagine that she got married to a young, rich and handsome man who'd never fall in love with her.

Everyone knew Crista wasn't the type of gitl who ran after rich men. Then how could they ever imagine what was the reality?.

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