Chapter 8 Beautiful Face

Crista's high fever never dropped for once, which made Maria worried. Although Mr.Ding didn't give her any order, she had no choice but to call the doctor.

" She needs to have an injection to bring down her fever. Otherwise, she might catch pneumonia " the doctor said while preparing the injection.

" Is Mrs.Ding's fever too bad?" Maria was anxious because she knew Mr.Ding was short-tempered. If anything happened to his newly wedded wife, he might get furious.

"Well, it's somewhat serious. She is too weak right now. She needs to have a good rest. " The doctor gave Crista the injection then wrote the prescription.

Although, her temperature dropped after taking the injection, she was still unconscious.

When William came back, it was almost dawn. As he entered the hall, he found no one there. " Maria! " he called out.

" Sir, you're back" Maria went upstairs just to find out Crista was still unconscious. He quickly ordered, " Send her downs

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Elin Kähäri
So if he got spyes he should know He really is in scool ore? He cant have any good spyes if he think she is lying when she is not

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