Chapter 10 Another Woman

William didn't realize that he'd bump into that stupid woman while entering the villa. So he didn't even help her when she stumbled back and fell on her bum. His eyes turned cold as he watched her with pursed lips.

Crista hissed in pain before raising her eyes and met with William's icy glare. She gulped and apologized immediately, "I'm sorry, I didn't notice you coming."

"Who are you going to meet in such a hurry?" William sneered at her making Crista flinch. Of course, she couldn't get lucky all the time, and the devil had to come at this time just to prove that.

"I was just going to school." Crista whined as she got up staggering slightly. She refrained herself from saying anything else, because she knew he would not believe her anyway.

According to William, everything she said was just an excuse.

"Really?" Obviously, William didn't believe her.

Crista took a glance at her watch. She'd be late today. Her eyes shifted back to William

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