Chapter 103

~ Roxy’s POV ~

I wanted to sleep but I couldn't. I was exhausted but my mind kept me awake most of the evening. This is going to be rough. I don’t know how I can face my friends again. They hated me for sure. I had no way to redeem myself. I just have to go and not be involved with Cole again. I ended things with him.

"We have a problem." Claire informed me the next day when she got to my room.

"What is it?" I asked worriedly.

"I tried to rebook our flight for today and apparently you can't travel out of New York. It states that you are banned to leave the city."

"Shit. I forgot that I was trying to escape a billionaire. He can control this. He can make sure that I stay here." I stated annoyed. "We should have driven out of New York yesterday."

"This is not right. He can't hold you here. We have to do something."

"We can't do anything until Monday. We have to be smart in dealing with this."

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