Broken Vows
Broken Vows
Author: Aspiring Raven

Colton Emmanuel Sinclair Jr.

My name is Colton Emmanuel Sinclair Jr. To everyone I am Cole, a young philanthropist that helps various organizations. You can see me in various magazines, newspapers, TV shows and billboards. I am famous. And I love the attention I get from the media. It made it easier for me to enjoy life. Everywhere I go people know me and so they treat me well. I'm a womanizer but I never slept with anyone younger than twenty one. I want someone that would be able to have a conversation with. Someone I can have a connection with. Someone that would make me see my life's purpose.

Being born with a golden spoon on my mouth is a privilege that I always enjoyed. I have never done any hard labour in my entire life. When my mother passed away after giving birth to me I was the sole heir of all the money she had. Everything passed down to me. My father, Colton Emmanuel Sr., was also filthy rich so he put all my inheritance in my name. Imagine a baby who is worth billions, that was me. My father didn't tap on that money, instead he spoiled me at his own expense. I grew up with my father getting married almost every single year. There was always something wrong with the women he married. Always end up in a divorce. He taught me that marriage is one way to put a woman in your bed without complications. Once you're fed up with it, get a divorce. Well, I never really agree with him on that. I just do hook ups and no serious relationships. Believe it or not I consider marriage a serious commitment, something that should not be taken lightly. And I hate commitment, the only commitment I have is with my best friends and my regular appearance at charity events for the sake of a publicity stunt.

People think I'm a saint, a label that I hated but can't move away from. People just see what they want to see. The only people who know me for real are my best friends, Nicholai and Jake and my dad. And of course Blair and Cassie who can see past my bullshits. They can see what a fuck up person I really am. My father died after she married Charlotte. She was a lovely woman and she loved my father. They were together for two years before my father married her. She was an escort and my father was her client. She married him after he got a divorce. Unfortunately, my father died from a plane crash on his way home for my 17th birthday. We were both devastated by it. Charlotte is the mother figure I was longing for. She was there for me. She wasn't just after the fame and the money my father had. She loved him. She refused the inheritance my father left for him. She insisted that she could survive without it. She wanted me to have it. But I had money of my own so I insisted she keeps it. Besides, it would help her raise her son, Jonathan. His son was a douche bag and never once did we get along. I didn't want to stay with them in the same house so I moved out and lived on my own when I turned eighteen. Jonathan dated Cassie which didn’t end up well. Now Cassie is with Nicholai and they are a great couple that I really admire.

Since I started to live on my own I lived my life to the fullest. I did everything I wanted. No one could say no to me. I always hear people saying I’m better than my best friends but now they think otherwise. My best friends are both happily married. Three weeks ago we had the grandest triple wedding held. A week ago I finalized my divorce with Andrea. I had enough of all the bullshit. I can’t believe that I tried to mock marriage. My family and friends were all mad at me. They don’t understand what the hell is really going on. Yes, I cheated on my wife after we got married for the second time. The problem was they had no idea what really happened. The divorce was long planned. The wedding was a sham. Everything was a fake.

Three weeks ago…

“I can’t believe it. We’re getting married again.” Nicholai stated happily.

“I remember that time that we vow not to have a girlfriend now we are practically getting married together.” Jake stated.

“It’s just for a show.” I replied. “Don’t get me wrong guys but come on, we have all these people and paparazzi around. They don’t really care about us. They just want to be part of this wedding of the century.”

“Who cares? All I know is that I’m marrying the woman I love again and she is pregnant with our second child.” Jake stated.

“Time flies.” Nicholai stated. “We all have truly changed. Imagine we all have our kids and serious careers.”

“Yeah I guess.” I replied. “I need some air. I’ll be back before you know it.”

I went out and scope the area. Everything was all set. I can’t believe that I’m doing this again. Mocking marriage like my father did. I should have cut the crap out and just went separate ways with Andrea but no I just had to web lies. Pretend that I love my wife and not the woman I long to see again. I know how stupid it might seem to marry my wife again when I should be running after the woman I love. Roxanne Henson captured my heart and I thought I captured hers but she left and never looked back. And now here she was standing in front of me four hours before my wedding.

“Wow. You look as handsome as I remembered.” She stated.

“You look good yourself.” I looked at her from head to foot.

“I guess I’m a bit late.” She stated as tears flowed on her cheeks. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be here, I know. I didn’t expect to see you here. I just needed some fresh air.”

“You fucking left without saying goodbye and what do you expect me to just welcome you back with open arms.” I stated angrily.

“No, of course not. I just got off my plane last night and I really need to talk to you. I didn’t know you were getting married again. You should have told me when I asked to meet you.” She stated.

“It’s all over the news. We are renewing our vows.” I replied, pissed. “Where have you been to Antarctica? Everyone knows, the world knows.”

“I’m sorry. I had no idea you’re renewing your vows.”

“What do you expect that I would wait for you and make a fool out of myself? I know you were beyond my league when I dated you. You were successful and mature and I was nothing but an immature rich jerk. But you had no right to break my heart. You had no fucking right to just leave me in the dark.”

“Yeah right, you are so heartbroken that you’re renewing your wedding vows. This is an awful idea. I’m sorry. Best wishes and I hope that you will be happy. I really have something important to tell you but I don’t think now is the right time. When you’re ready just call me. You know how to reach me.”

She left and I wanted to run after her and tell her I love her. I didn’t hate her, instead I missed her. I love her so much that I am incapable of falling in love with another. Instead of running after her I went back to the hotel and renewed my wedding vows to Andrea. I’m being selfish, marrying her and pretending to love her but this is the right thing to do. I should be with her for our son Leo. However hard it might seem I need to do this for my son. The moment Andrea walked down the aisle; it wasn’t her that I saw but Roxy. I wanted to walk out and leave my wife at the altar. But I can’t bear to embarrass her in front of the entire crowd. I have to think things through. The whole time I flustered a fake smile and gave the crowd what they went to see. I gave them a show. As my wife was sleeping I stared at the ceiling and remembered the woman that I crave more than anything else.

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