Chapter 1

The first time we met

~ Cole’s POV ~

I hated being told what I should do with my life. I always do things the way I want them to be. But Uncle Stan made sure that he does it anyway. He was the father figure that assisted me. He is the one who is taking care of my finances and all the family businesses. He lectures me almost every time he sees me so I made sure to avoid him. He insisted that I attend one of the charity events for cancer patients that is being conducted every six months. It was in continuation of my mother’s pride and joy. So I attended and saw one of the keynote speakers that caught my eyes.

I didn’t believe in love at first sight. I know that love is just an illusion but I felt strange looking at her. It was as if the world stopped moving and all I could see was her. I wanted her.  I never felt this kind of attraction for anyone else. So I did what I do best and approached her after her speech.

“Good evening, it is a pleasure to meet such a beautiful and intelligent person. My name is Cole. And you are?” I smiled at her.

“Running late, excuse me.” She brushed me off and left. I was left standing staring at the direction where she left off. That was the first time someone ignored me. People are usually excited to talk with me.

“Miranda, can you arrange a meeting for me and that hot doctor.” I approached the event organizer as she was trying to make her way to the caterer.

“I’m sorry, a meeting with whom, Mr. Sinclair?” She stopped.

“The hot doctor who just left Miranda I want her. I need you to set up a meeting for us. She walked out on me as I was introducing myself.” I stated.

“I’ll see what I can do. I’m sorry. I need to make sure that they are serving enough beverages, sir. I don’t want to hear any complaints from our guests. Excuse me.” She explained before walking away.

I didn’t even catch the doctor’s name. So I looked at the program and it didn’t have her name. It states that Doctor Mark Ellis is the one that was supposed to talk. She might have just been a substitute speaker. I was no longer interested to stay and finish the event. The important thing was I showed up. I made my way to the parking lot and saw the hot doctor yelling at her car.

“You stupid piece of shit, all the time that you could have breakdown. Why now?” She yelled and slammed the door shut.

“Hey beautiful are you okay?” I approached her while checking her perfect ass.

“Sorry, I didn’t know that someone was here.” She stated embarrassed.

“Do you need a lift? I can take you anywhere you need to go.” I offered.

“I’m all good. I’d just catch a taxi.” She stated as she checked her cell phone.

“Please I insist. I’m not a serial killer and you can trust me.” I stated giving her my million dollar smile.

“I know you and I don’t trust you. Excuse me.” She stated and once again left me alone.

I couldn’t help but laugh at her remark. I have a reputation to live by and it was the first time that someone actually walked out on me not once but twice. Game on doctor you have no idea who you’ve challenged. I know her type, she was just playing hard to get and I’m pretty sure that she’ll be mine the next time I see her. I know that she would be at my begging mercy.

~ Roxy’s POV ~

I really hated trying to kiss the chief of surgery’s ass but I had no choice. I can’t be removed from the hospital. I have been working so hard just to be removed from my residency. It’s my last year and I can’t throw it away. I can’t let my personal life ruin my goals. I had an affair with one of my patient’s fathers. It lasted for over five months before his wife discovered it was me. She wanted the hospital to fire me since she knew the chief of surgery. Luckily for me, Doctor Mark Ellis liked me. He was like a father figure to me and the chief of surgery.

“Listen, who you sleep with, is none of my fucking business but if it affects the hospital it becomes my business.” He stated seriously. “End whatever relationship you have with Mr. Pearson, Roxanne. I can’t have my doctors ruining the image of this hospital.”

“But…” I tried to interrupt him.

“Don’t tell me that he told you he loves you because that is a fucking lie. He would never leave his family for you. Stop seeing him or I would fire you. I can’t have you drag this hospitals’ reputation to shame.

“I love him.” I admitted as I looked at him seriously.

“Are you saying that you would rather be with him than reach for your dream? Are you telling me that he means more to you than all the things that you have been working on for years?”

“I want to be a doctor but what’s the point if I can’t spend it with the man I love.” I reasoned out.

“I don’t want to do this but you gave me no choice.” He handed me a folder. “Mrs. Pearson had been having a private investigator following his husband and he wasn’t just seeing you.”

“What the fuck?” I looked at the picture of Mike with different women. “He lied to me.” I sat down and my tears started to fall.

“I’m sorry Roxanne but you’re a victim of that manipulating asshole. You need to move on and focus on your career.” He stated and handed me some tissues.

“I don’t know what to do. I love him. Why would he lie to me?”

“I’ll give you a week break to clear your head but after that I expect you to be one hundred percent ready to reach your goals.” He stated to calm me.

“Thank you.” I replied. “I could really use the break.”

“That’s not for free so no thank you necessary.” He replied.

“What?!” I looked at him surprised.

“You get a one week vacation but you have to cover for me for an event two weeks from now. I have to attend a charity event as one of the guest speakers and I want you to attend on my behalf.” He stated.

“I can’t do that. I’m not someone that can speak in front of a crowd.”

“Fine, I’d give you two weeks off. It’s either you do this or I’ll expect your resignation letter tomorrow morning.” He stated firmly.

“That’s total bullshit.” I replied.

“Thank you, Roxanne. Go home and enjoy your vacation.”

I was more humiliated than angry at that moment. I thought that Mike loved me but I guess guys would say anything just to get into a woman’s pants. I should’ve known but I always fall for the same scheme with every man I fell for. The moment they give me attention and affection I lower down my guard and sleep with them. I should really straighten out my priorities. This is the wakeup call I needed. This is the third time that I almost got kicked out of the hospital because of a man I chose to be involved with. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me, I always fall for someone who’s either engaged or married.

The two weeks break from work was really helpful. I was able to reflect on my actions and decided to focus on my career as a doctor. Ever since I was a child that’s all I’ve ever wanted and I shouldn’t let anyone take that away from me. So I just need to make sure that I don’t let any other man sweet talk me. I should not let myself get involved with anyone who would not be serious with me. I need someone who is mature and responsible. I need someone who would help me reach my goals. I’m not entering another relationship unless I’m sure that person is certain that he will marry me.  

So the night of the charity event that I attended on behalf of Doctor Ellis I walked away when Cole Emmanuel Sinclair Jr. introduced himself to me. He was a fucking knockout and I know that he can easily make me fall for him. Who am I kidding? I was needed at the hospital so I had to rush out. If I wasn't, maybe I’d end up in his bed. And just my luck my car broke down before I could leave the hotel.   

“You stupid piece of shit, all the time that you could have breakdown. Why now?” I yelled and slammed the door closed.

“Hey beautiful are you okay?” Cole stated as he walked closer to me.

“Sorry, I didn’t know that someone was here.” I stated embarrassed.

“Do you need a lift? I can take you anywhere you need to go.” He offered.

“I’m all good. I’d just catch a taxi.” I replied knowing that it wasn’t a good idea to be so close to him.

“Please I insist. I’m not a serial killer and you can trust me.” He stated giving me his million dollar smile that would make any woman's knees turn into jelly.

“I know you and I don’t trust you. Excuse me.”

 I left before I enjoyed talking to him and forgot who he was. His reputation as a playboy was enough warning for me to stay away from him. One look from him I know that he was already undressing me with his eyes. He would be the last person I would be caught with. He was nothing but a billionaire with a pretty face. And I had no intention of being the flavour of the month. My mind is set; the next man I’ll get involved with is the man that I’d marry.

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