Chapter 14

Meeting Cole’s friends

~ Cole’s POV ~

I walked out of her bedroom before I lost whatever self-control I have left in me. How can she remain in complete composure after the kiss we shared? How can she remain unfazed being naked in front of me? I need to be careful with this woman. She is not like anyone I have been with. We met Jake and Gabby for lunch before the party.

“Hey Cole, sorry we’re a bit late. Jake had to drop by his office.” Gabby stated.

“It’s okay.” I kissed her on the cheeks and pulled a chair for her. “My date is just in the restroom. I am really excited for you guys to meet her.”

“Where is your new girl from this time?” Jake stated.

“You would be surprised.” I replied proudly. “Here she is.” I stood up and pulled a chair for Roxy.

“Wow, you are so gorgeous.” Gabby stated, smiling at us.

“Thanks. You’

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