Chapter 04 [Part 1]

Just like a star shining in the night sky, Selene gleams as she passes by in the dark timberland. The moon is lighting her path, like a servant who serves its master. She can feel the coldness of the night through her white pale skin.

The essence of winter is already filling her nostrils.

Kaunting panahon na lang at magsisimula na ang tag-lamig.

And she doesn't know but it gives her a sense of excitement. It's been years since she last felt the sparkly and sticky drop of frosty snows in her hand. The wet snow that as soft as cotton.

Of all the weather that occurs in this world, winter is her favorite. Her jewel, the thing that always made her smile. That certain picturesque panorama of a big white blanket filling all the field.

And she can't wait to smell the scent of the snow as it falls on the ground.

Selene smiled as she imagined the snow falling on her skin. The way th

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