Chapter 01

MOONLIGHT gleams the darkness, it was the only one that lit the twilight. A lot of unexplainable creatures roaming around. Scent of the flowers blooms the night. New moon, midnight blue, everyone was asleep. Silence filled the mist.

The wind whispering in the middle of the night, a flurry that scattered the fallen dried leaves from the trees. Its coldness sought through the heart of the howling wolves in the timberland. The howling voices from the wolves can give agitations to anyone who will hear it.

A lot of tales about wolves are prevailing around the town of Trapezus. The tale was passed down to every generation.

Wolves are said to be the guardian of the human race. They love humans, however, wolves envy them. So one wolf stood up and begged the moon goddess and the mother nature to gave them the ability to transform into humans. Their wish was granted and werewolves were born.

Now, they were roaming around, interacting with humans like they are the same kind.

Yet, there is one tale about them that everybody is scared to hear. And this tale is called "The Curse of Lycaon".

Ang tahimik na gabi ay nabulabog sa isang malakas na sigaw mula sa isang naghihinagpis na ina. The whole town of Trapezus was awake by the cry of a mourning mother. And anyone who would hear her mourn will be wretched by the weight of pain she is carrying in her voice.

"My baby, m-my child...what did they d-do to you?" said of the crying mother.

Lahat ng tao ay pinagmasdan ang isang ina na yakap-yakap ang kaniyang duguang anak. The mother was almost painted in red. Blood trickled down from the lifeless body of a child.

They are outside of their house.

"H-Helix? Neah, w-what happened t-to o-our son?"

Tumingin ang ina sa kanyang asawa. She saw how agony flicked through her husband's eyes. Naglabasan pa ang ibang mga tao sa kani-kanilang bahay, pinalibutan ang pamilyang nababalot ng hinagpis. The whole Trapez can't believe what their eyes are seeing.

Lifeless body of a poor child painted in red, but what caught their attention is a certain scrape from the poor child's clothing.

Everyone murmured, whispering about what happened to the child.

"T-The wolf... a werewolf came into the house. H-He did this..."

Gasp from the people in a town filled the silence of the whole town.

"It was the curse of Lycaon!" someone shouted in torment.

Maraming sumang-ayon sa turan na iyon. There's no doubt that it was really the curse of Lycaon. Lahat ay napuno ng galit ang puso sa nakikitang paghihinagpis ng isang ina at ama sa kanilang walang buhay na anak.

"My poor child... He loves them but why...?" another cry of the mourning mother.

Hindi na nakapagpigil pa ang ama ng kaawa-awang bata. Tumayo ito at pinunasan ang mga luha sa kanyang mata. His hand fisted into a ball. He went back to their house to get the sword made of silver and a bag of wolfsbane.

Napatingin sa kaniya ang lahat, lalo na ang kaniyang asawa.

"W-Where are you going?"

Igting ang panga na tinignan niya ang kagubatan kung saan nakatira ang mga taong-lobo.

"I will kill them all." He said with bloodlust in his voice.

Bago pa man siya makaalis ay agad na may nagsalita muli. "We are going with you. We can't let this pass... Not with the poor child," another man said with full of conviction.

The curse of Lycaon that gives everyone solicitude. A tale that everyone could never forget, a curse that puts everyone into an utmost certain death. The only tale that will be buried within the deepest heart of everyone.

"WHERE'S Alpha King Endymion? Melda, did you see the Alpha King?" A man named Golgoth asked the maid in the Alpha King's châteu, he's the Beta in the Arcadia Clan.

Agad na napatigil sa ginagawa ang matandang babae. She stood up properly before facing Beta Golgoth. Melda nodded her head, "I saw the Alpha King roaming around the forest, Beta Golgoth," she said.

Beta Golgoth sighed and scratch his temple. He couldn't believe that their Alpha King is roaming around the timberland without his knowledge. At this hour, the Alpha King should be in his bed and resting, since they have a lot of things to do tomorrow.

He licked his lips and shook his head repeatedly. Golgoth doesn't have a choice but to follow where the Alpha King is. Hindi niya kayang hayaan na lamang ang kanilang pinuno sa mga gustong gawin. Especially that the elders are questioning the ability of their Alpha King.

Alpha King Endymion is really strong, he's an amazing Alpha King, he has his own principle for their clan, hence, the golden still don't want him to preside the whole Arcadian werewolves.

Without saying anything, Golgoth immediately turns into his wolf form to trace where the Alpha King is. He followed the certain scent of the Alpha King until he was lead into the Sacred Falls. And there, he saw the Alpha King at the top of the Sacred Waterfalls. Howling into the moon, giving a tribute for their moon deity.

The moon is in the crescent phase, ginaya niya ang ginawa ng Alpha King. Then it was followed by the howling voices of the whole Arcadian Clan. It was their way to pay a tribute to the light of the crescent moon.

Golgoth transformed into his human form again, he was looking up into their Alpha King. Katulad niya ay nasa anyong tao na rin ito. Without any indication, Alpha King Endymion just jump from the top of the Scared Falls. At ng makaahon ay lumapit ito sa direksyon ni Golgoth.

"WHAT are you doing here?" Alpha King asked without looking at Golgoth.

"Well, your highness, aren't you be sleeping now?"

Yumukod si Golgoth para magbigay sa kaniya ng respeto.

Alpha King Endymion just shook his head.

"I was about to, Golgoth, but you came and disturbed me..." walang gana niyang sabi bago humiga sa batuhan.

"Pardon me, your highness," Golgoth immediately bowed down his head to apologize to the Alpha King.

Again, the Alpha King just shook his head. "Whatever," he closed his eyes and just let the dormancy eat his consciousness.

"But Alpha King, you can't sleep here..."

Nagsalubong ang kaniyang kilay sa sinabi ng kaniyang kanang kamay. Simula noon pa man ay lagi na siyang naririto, palaging natutulog tuwing gabi habang pinapakiramdaman ang kalmang paligid.

"Who says? You know very well that I can handle myself, Golgoth." He smirked while his eyes are shut. "I may be blind but you know me," simple niyang sabi.

Yes. He is blind. But still an Alpha King of Arcadia Clan, and no one could withstand him. It's just really a good thing that his wolf instincts are really sharp that it guides him to whatever he does.

He has been leading the Arcadia Clan for thirteen years. At sa loob ng mga taon na iyon, kailanman ay hindi siya nagkamali sa pamumuno. He loves his clan so much, they are always the priority, the number one on his list. If there is one thing he could never give up, it's his clan. Gagawin niya ang lahat para sa kaniyang nasasakupan.

Golgoth sighed at what he stated. "I know that Alpha King Endymion, but I couldn't take the risk..."

Even though he knew how Golgoth cares for him, he still wanted to stay in the Sacred Falls.

"Selene, won't let anything bad happened to me, trust the moon deity, idiot," he said playfully on his Beta.

Alpha King Endymion smirked more when he heard Golgoth scoff. "It's Goddess Selene, Alpha King. Please address our moon deity with her title," sabi pa ni Golgoth.

But he playfully smirked and face where Golgoth is. "Alright, Godde— Selene," ngunit hindi niya pa rin ginawa.

"Alpha King!" the Alpha King laughed on his own silliness. He truly respects the moon deity but he just can't find himself calling her in the title.

Not in this lifetime.

"Have you seen the moon deity, Golgoth?" nakapikit siyang umayos ng higa sa malapad na bato. His face is looking up in the crescent moon. The breeze of winds touching his skin as the waterfalls dive into the surface. He could smell the fragrance of the tree stump creating a new life.

Sound of the wild animals roaming around the whole timberland. He could feel, smell, hear it all.

He heard some footsteps from Golgoth, in the way it sounds, surely Golgoth walk near him and sat at the ground.

"Not yet, Alpha King."

Sneering from what he heard, Alpha King Endymion extended his hand, as if he was reaching for the light of the crescent moon.

"How beautiful do you think she is?"

Golgoth cleared his throat. "The golden said, the moon deity has an eternal beauty, Alpha King," he could sense the delight in Golgoth's said.

"Eternal beauty huh?"

"How about you, Alpha King Endymion?"

Natahimik siya sa tanong ni Golgoth. Now that he asked, how beautiful does the moon deity in his verdict?

"Of all goddesses, she's the most esthetic and exquisite to behold..." he said in his low voice while still looking up in the night sky. He might not see how beautiful the crescent moon along with the stars, but, he could see how the moonlight shines through his eyes, mending the darkness within him.

Walang nasabi si Golgoth sa sinagot niya, parang hindi makapaniwala.

"Now be off with you, Golgoth. I want to rest in here," sabi niya sa seryosong tono.

There's nothing that Golgoth could do in his order. Makaraan lang ng ilang sandali ay narinig niya ang pagpapaalam nito. He just moves his hand like shooing him away.

Alpha King Endymion smiled as he feels that there's no one in the place but him. After a long tiring day, at last, he could now have his peace. Ito talaga ang hinahanap-hanap niya sa tuwina. To hear the calm sacred waterfalls, and the musical call of the night owl as the moonlight shines on his skin.

He smiled in the darkness. "Eternal beauty, huh..."

FROM the farthest land, the mountains of heaven, where God and Goddesses live, the light of the crescent moon is looking below the heaven.

Selene, the moon deity, is readying herself to go down the mountains of heaven, riding her moon chariot, pulled by three big white wolves. She's going to visit her Sacred Waterfalls, where she could be at peace, it was her so-called home.

Sumakay siya sa kaniyang kalesa, hinaplos ang mga puting lobo upang maghanda sa kaniyang pag-alis. But before she could drive away, Nehelenia, the goddess of the dead moon, interrupted her.

"Where are you going, Selene?"

She abruptly looked at Nehelenia and gave her a lenient smile. "I'm going down, Nehel..."

"To where?"

"Sacred Waterfalls, it's been ancient since I last visited my home," Nehelenia nodded her head. Binigyan siya nito ng ngiti, the black silk dress worn by Nehelenia, shines as the candle on her moon chariot was lit by her.

Nehelenia sighed, "Be careful while you're in the werewolves' lair. No one should see you," tumango si Selene sa paalala ni Nehelenia. She smiled at her again before driving her moon chariot along with the dust of the stars and moistures of the clouds.

She rides her moon chariot in the night sky, where she could see clearly the night stars. Her three big white wolves howl as they dash into the absence.

Hanggang sa makarating siya sa kaniyang paroroonan.

And like what she always does, she guise herself as a human. Wearing a one-shoulder neckline of silk white dress along with his long white robe. She has pale white skin, a lamblike face of a lady, just perfect for being the moon goddess. She changes her eye color from moonlike miniature eyes into simple brown doe eyes.

Pumorma ang ngiti niya ng marinig ang paghampas ng tubig, at sa bawat pagkanta ng mga buho sa gitna ng tahimik na gabi. Ito ang isa sa mga bagay na hindi niya ipagpapalit sa kahit ano man.

She roamed around her sacred home like what she used to before. Ang lamig ng simoy ng hangin ay siyang marahang dumadampi sa kaniyang balat. Halos hindi pa siya makapaniwala na nakatuntong na siya sa kaniyang tahanan.

"This is my home," she whispered in silence.

Naglakad siya papunta sa rumaragasang talon, marahan siyang ngumiti ng maramdaman ang daloy ng tubig sa kaniyang mga kamay. At sa likod ng talon na iyon ay ang isang kuweba na tanging siya lamang ang nakakaalam.

As she went into the cave, the ancient candlelight lit magically.

Naglakad siya patungo sa dulo kung saan naroon ang kaniyang paboritong higaan. The ancient matress colored in blue, along with its quilt and cushion.

But she stopped as she saw a man laying on her ancient mattress. She couldn't believe what her eyes are seeing. It's a man, in slumber with her beloved mattress. Sa pagkakatanda niya ay siya lamang ang nakakaalam ng lugar na ito.

Dahan-dahan siyang lumakad sa kinaroroonan ng lalaki. And there he saw a beautiful man sleeping peacefully underneath her Sacred Waterfalls, inside her cave. Sa unang tingin pa lamang, ramdam niya ng hindi ito simpleng tao lamang. He is actually not a human but a werewolf, one of her moon children.

Imbes na makaramdam ng inis ay natuwa pa siyang makita ito. Naroon man ang pagtataka, hindi naman maipagkakaila ang pagkamanghang nararamdaman.

As she stared at the beautiful man, she can't help but to ask how this beautiful creature is not a god like her. He could pass as one of the gods in the mountains of heaven.

Subalit natigil ang kaniyang pagtitig dito ng bigla itong magmulat ng kaniyang mga mata. Sumalubong sa kaniya ang walang buhay na kulay abong mga mata nito, nakatitig sa kaniya na parang siya'y isang pader lamang. At sa mabilis na galaw, nakita na lamang ni Selene ang kaniyang sarili na nakapinid sa dingding ba kuweba habang ramdam na ramdam ang matutulis na kuko ng lalaki.

She didn't feel any dread when this werewolf aggressively attacked her. Instead, she was amazed by how this werewolf acts. This werewolf is not ordinary. She could feel it, how excitement and reverence run through her veins.

"You're blind," she said with her soft and gentle voice.

Selene saw how the man become more aggressive, kita niya ang paglabas ng pangil nito sa kaniyang ngipin. Like any moment, he would shift into his wolf form.

"Who the fuck are you?" dama niya ang galit at pagpipigil sa boses nito.

Without hesitations, she answered. "My name is Lune," she could already feel the sharpness of its fingernails on her delicate neck.

Lumapit ang mukha nito sa kaniya, he sniffed on her skin like what a usual predator does to its prey. "A fucking human...?" hindi siya nagsalita. "You shouldn't be roaming around here, little girl."

Umawang ang kaniyang labi ng dumikit ang labi nito sa kaniyang tainga. Halos hindi siya makagalaw sa kung gaano sila kalapit sa isa't isa.


"Didn't you know that wolves eat your kinds?" she knows that it was a lie.

"They don't," mahina niyang sabi rito.

He smirked at her, mas lalong humigpit ang pagkakasakal sa kaniya. Napahawak siya sa kamay nitong nasa leeg niya ng makaramdam ng sakit.

"Of course, they do, lass. My kinds do..." at sa unang pagkakataon sa kaniyang mahabang pamumuhay, nakaramdam siya ng kakaibang kilabot.

Hindi siya makapaniwalang nakatitig dito, pilit na inaabsorba ang mga sinabi. He felt his lips touching his skin, and her nose inhaling her scent. Humugot siya ng malalim na hininga bago muling nagsalita.

"I-I was just lost in the forest," she can't take the risk of being exposed by anyone. She lied as if she was just a mere human.

"Well, then your loss, lass. You'll be here forever."

Then, the next thing Selene knew, she was dragged by the Alpha King Endymion of Arcadia in the werewolves' lair.

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