45 - Epilogue

                       We were sitting in a luxurious room, one of his grand hotels. My wedding gown was ivory white, strapless, full A-line. It was a unique piece. I could hardly recognize myself. I blinked at myself and glanced at my children through the mirror. Elisa was hopping on her bare feet while Aidan and Elliot were making a ring of their arms around her. 

     "You should put on your shoes, Elisa. We'll not get cake after the wedding," Elliot said. 

     "I'm eating a lot of cake today," Aidan said, smiling. 

     A glow of happiness spread through me. We were going to start our life together as I always wanted it to as a family. 

    I closed my eyes and breathed slowly and deeply. 

     My veil was simple, cascading down my back, I was having the best hair

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Charlette Williams
this book was awesome .........
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