Beautiful Mistakes
Beautiful Mistakes
Author: Seerat Kaur


Copyright ©2021 Seerat Kaur

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             Softly, I smashed my head over her shoulder. I wasn't certain about walking in the club. I should be with my husband, smiling broadly, his hand tugging me tight to his side, a possessive hold on my waist. 

     It was nothing like my imagination. He never plucked a step with me. He never talked to me, he never looked at me. 

    'I'm just a showpiece with a tag of his wife.' 

     He left me to wander alone after our wedding, to suffer in this wedding. In a few days, it's going to be two years. I'm feeling unmarried.


    'I don't remember. Nothing was special to remember.'

     Last year, Jasper gifted me a diamond bracelet. I wasn't wearing it. I didn't keep it with me. It was just a showpiece like me. 

     'I put it on when we visited his parents once a month on weekends. Then he made me feel he's my husband, only that day, to show his parents. Shouldn't he tell them? We are married but it's nothing like a normal couple? Shouldn't he tell me? - We're over. I don't wanna be with you. We are not working. Every evening, I wait for him to say something breaking to me. Everyday! He walked to our room, changed after a shower and walked to his study to sleep. That's my life. He never asks me anything. 

       I blew out a frustrating sigh. I lifted my head and drifted my gaze around. Most couples were snogging, dancing, drinking, and laughing. They were enjoying their lives, reminding me of my empty life, mocking me. It hurt. I was the only one with a gloomy face. Even my friend's date was also waiting for her. I would be alone with a glass of drink. 

      ' I don't expect happiness, a partner in my life. My parents forced this wedding on me. They died but made my life miserable. I'm twenty-two. I got married when I was twenty and four months old. I don't remember the day of my doom but I can guess it from my age. Yesterday was my birthday. I celebrated it with Livia, my best friend and my only family. She cares for me. She has suggested that I should divorce my husband. But I couldn't do it. I do not know why? Perhaps, I don't know. What would I do? I need to get out of that life and marriage. The suffocation would kill me one day. I'm certain about one thing. I don't love him. Yesterday, he must have been busy with his secretary. I have seen her once. She's beautiful with blonde hair. '

     I took another soft sigh. My gaze stopped at the dark hallway. I blinked and my gaze stopped on a tall dark-haired guy. He was already looking at me. The dim light was resting on his face, making his skin a golden glow. He was so gorgeous. Perhaps, the light was making his fair skin golden. I tried to look at him more closely. I waited for him to break his gaze. He didn't. I felt my skin was hot. 

     "Vodka!" Livia ordered the bartender. She tugged on my hand, "Sit," She said, offering me her best smile. Her smile dropped as her gaze halted on my ring. She forwarded her hand and pulled the ring out with a deep frown. She hated Jasper and never left any opportunity to insult him. Jasper was so decent, he never bite back. It infuriated her more. But it astounded me more. 


    ' Once! I tried to know the matter. He said - Business is not running well. 

    I don't wanna believe it. One thing isn't everything. Could it be? '


      "Hey!" I protested as she pulled the ring from my finger. I didn't want to drink it. I had one through a lot because of an unwanted wedding but I never thought to drink. It would create more problems. 

      "You don't need that a**hole's ring, particularly tonight," She shoved the ring in her clutch with exasperation. If it wasn't illegal, she must have killed him. 

      "But," I tried to stop her. She slapped on the back of my hand and stared at me. I knew her anger wasn't for me. I didn't like to get her unnecessary worry because of me. 

     "Hi, girls," Ivan, her boyfriend, hugged her from behind and kissed her neck. Livia closed her eyes, smiling. 

     I averted my eyes. I didn't like to interfere, "Hi, Ivan," I whispered. 

      "You need a man who can show you heaven," She whispered in my ear as she leaned forward, Ivan still holding her. 

      She always said it to me. I had thought a lot about doing this. But I never met the worthy one. I shook my head with a smirk. She nodded her head and winked at me. 

      "I'm not sure," I bit my lip. It was true. I wasn't making an excuse.

      ' I'm a virgin. My husband does not know this. He doesn't know anything about me. '

      The bartender slipped our drinks on the counter, She handed me a glass of vodka, "On three!" She said to me. She turned to Ivan "Wanna join, baby?" She asked with a blush. Ivan muttered something in her ear. That turned her cheeks to tomato red. She elbowed him but he dodged it and kissed her hard. 

      "I'll be back soon," He met our gaze and walked toward the group of three boys, his friends. Ivan tried to hook me up with his friends but I didn't feel for them, not even a single butterfly in my stomach. 

      Livia gestured to me at the glass. I rolled my eyes. She was on a mission today. I grabbed it. She counted, "One two three!" 

      I lifted the glass to my lips and downed the drink at three. I felt the burning in my throat. I wasn't used to it. I coughed. She patted my back. I shook my head. 

     She gave me a look, "I can't see you dying in your miserable life." She said and waved her hand in the air and ordered one more. I shook my head but she refused. She shoved it in my hand. 

      "No," I said but she was looking more determined to make me drink. 

      "You need this," She drawled in my ear. The music was loud but I wasn't listening to it. 

      I gripped the small glass and downed another glass. I hated it. I'm not a drinking person. I didn't drink when I saw my husband kissing his secretary. I knew the reason. Why didn't he claim me as his wife? I waited so long for him. I saw him looking at her many times. He spent his weekend with her. 


      'That's not my concern but he should tell me. He could do both of us a favour, divorcing me. I don't know what's stopping him, perhaps his parents. I have felt his lips on my cheeks many times around his parents. He never put any restrictions on me. He requested me to be his wife in front of his parents. I never tried to dig the matter. It isn't my business.'

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