I let out a sigh and closed my eyes. 

   ' He should divorce me or he should not marry me. Perhaps, we… both are compelled by his parents. I need to find a solution or a way out of this wedding before I get mad. Such an environment isn't good for my health. I'm feeling nothing more than a corpse, I have no feeling left in me staying behind the four walls of his house alone. A zombie must have enjoyed his life more than me.'

      "He's looking at you. I think he likes you. He's coming." Livia whispered in my ear. I could feel her laugh. 

      I snapped my eyes open. Instead of Livia. I saw his blue eyes looking at me. He sat down on the empty seat next to her. 

     Neglecting him, I reached for my glass. I needed this one. 'Where is Livia? ' 

     I looked around for her. My sight caught my ring finger. There was no ring. I stared at Livia's back. She glanced over her shoulder at me. Ivan towed her toward the dance floor. I stared at her. She smiled and motioned at him and winked at me pouting her lips. 

     I looked back at him. His skin was white as I thought before. But it was shining golden under the dim lights of the club. I wanted to touch him. 

     I shook my head. I never felt like touching my husband. How could I feel it for him? 

     'That's really not fair. Just to have a good time with him. I cannot forget I'm married. He's just sitting across from me. He's handsome no doubt. But I can not cheat in this wedding and told him a lie that I'm single and came here to hang out with my only friend. It's true. Livia is my only friend.'

           My throat started to burn as I downed the third drink. I glanced at the glass. I was trying to figure it out. Did I drink vodka and Livia did something with it? I could not trust her. She looked determined to make me lose my innocence tonight. I could bet that man wouldn't be my husband. He must be having dinner with his secretary, that Beautiful blonde woman. He looked at her as she was his everything. You knew, everything! He hardly looked at me. When he looked. It was always a casual look that he gave to strangers. So, I was a stranger. 

    'It doesn't hurt me anymore. I don't love my husband. I don't expect anything from him. The most barbaric thing was his name written in my parent's will. So, I have nothing, nothing to go, nothing to live. I depend on my husband. '

      "Hey," He softly whispered as I was still frowning at the empty glass. He tucked the hair behind my ear. His fingers didn't touch me. But I felt an unknown wave in my stomach. It lasted for a few seconds but it compelled me to pay him full attention. 

      I glanced at his blue eyes and smiled, "How many girlfriends do you have dated?" I asked. I could bet. It wouldn't be a good start if I wanted to spend a night with him. Livia had told me, No! She had lectured me about it during our ride to the club. I ignored it mostly. 

    'I don't know what she expects? '

      "Well, I'm alone here," He chuckled and he took hold of my hand. He grabbed the glass and put it back. He ordered water. 

      "Hi," My voice seemed to me of a drunk man, "I don't drink you know. My friend said I should try this and I should spend a night with a good looking guy," I smiled as I saw him through my hooded lashes. 

     'Oops! I shouldn't say this. Alcohol has begun to show its effect on me. I should go before I do anything stupid.'

      "Would you like to spend it with me?" He smiled and came forward. 

      He smelled so good. His black shirt was loose, his sleeves rolled up, showing his muscular arms. 

       Slipping his hand, he interlocked our fingers. My stomach flipped and I felt electronic waves in my hand. I never felt it. I pulled my hand away. 

      "S***! Did you feel the same?" He asked as he raked his hand through his silky dark hair. He looked shocked like me. 

       My heart began to beat, I could feel throbbing on my veins under my skin. It was so new and arousing. I bit down on my lower lip and nodded my head. I wanted to deny him and walked out of the club alone. But I couldn't lie to him. I shouldn't drink. 

       He seemed nervous to me. Towering over me, he bent down. His lips were inches away from me. My heart picked a race. Our eyes locked. His jet black hair was looking darker. 

      It hurt like a bitch. My husband should make me feel it. But he was a beautiful stranger. My husband couldn't make me feel butterflies. He did this in a few seconds. I must be sounding stupid. But it seemed like a beautiful fairy tale. I didn't care about my husband. He did not ask me when I left his house with Livia. He didn't look our way. 

     I lifted my hand. My face drew closer to him. He was cleaned shaved. My fingertips touched his skin. I felt the butterflies again. My smile broadened. I wanted to forget everything that hurt me and those who were related to it. It soothed the pain in my chest, "You didn't answer me," I asked him in a groggy voice. 

     "My dad is strict with me. I'm not even allowed in this club. I was supposed to attend a meeting," He smirked. He didn't pluck his gaze from me. He didn't pull back from my touch. I wanted to touch him. I didn't care. What did he reply to me? I wanted to spend more time with him, to touch him more. 

      My fingers stopped on his cheek as I stared into his deep blue eyes. So beautiful.

      I nodded, "Where's your coat?" I asked in stupidity. 

      With him around me, the music seemed to fade in the background. I wasn't giving any attention to music, noise, nothing but him like he was my soul mate. He seemed essential, more than breathing. 

    'I'm stupid. I'm thinking as I have known him for years.'

       He let out a low chuckle. My grin was always in its way, "I left it in my car." He did not break the sight as he was feeding on it. 

      "Hm," I nodded again. 

      He curled his hand on the back of my hand. Our lips grazed. My stomach tightened, "People will stare at us,'' I said, breathing. This was the best kiss. Though, it wasn't a kiss. 

      He nodded without delay. He grabbed my wrist and tugged me away from the counter and crowd. It felt as if he was taking me away from my problems. 

      We walked toward the dark hallway. I waited for him to stop at some dark place to quench what he started with mere his touch. He pushed open the dark door as he stopped. I peeped over his shoulder in my black plump heels. It was enormous. I read the plate on the door, ladies room. 


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