I threw my head back as ecstasy surged through my body. Our bodies were drenched with sweat. I could smell *** in the air. I could never forget tightness. 

      My fingers dug in the soft flesh of her waist. I was careful with her but it couldn't satisfy my heart's worry about her. 

      Her nails dug in my shoulders, drawing blood. My breaths turned from fast to slow but not normal. Her hot breath was fanning my chest. 

      I zipped up her black dress through the cracks of my eyes. She was looking ravishing in a short black dress. She was an angel in a black dress. I closed my eyes again, feeling her nearness. I would never be so close to anyone. I could bet. 

      My eyes snapped open as I felt something wet over my shoulder. I glanced down at her with worry. Her face was hidden behind the curtain of her dark long hair. I tucked her hair behind her ear and raked my finger over her cheek to her jaw. 


     'Her skin is so tender. I can't think of hurting her. But I did, perhaps.'

      Her eyes were closed. Her forehead was covered with sweat, cheeks with tears. She was so beautiful like an angel. 

      "Hi, Angel. Are you alright? It's not your first time," I asked her. But I was doubting my question. She was a virgin. The blood was proof of it. 

      Slowly, she opened her mesmerizing wooden brown eyes. She nodded in reply to me. She was looking so vulnerable. Her lips parted. I waited for her to say, "I'm married," She murmured. 

      I felt a ton of weight on my chest. I couldn't breathe. How could that even be possible if she was a virgin? I stared at her in disbelief. I sucked the air from my mouth. I was taken aback. I tried to pull from her. She fastened her arms around me, "Don't," Her chest was heaving up and down, "He did not touch me," I heard her clearly. I was f****** aware of it. She was a virgin before I touched her. I would never forgive myself. This shouldn't be like this. I slithered my hand in my hair. There should be her favourite flowers, chocolate, and dinner. 

       "What kind of jerk is he?" My brows furrowed. I was thankful to him. He didn't touch her. I wanted to keep her for myself, only myself. 

       I cursed. I did not act like this, a f*****g possessive a*****e.

       'F***! I hate someone else's touch on her. I would never leave her alone if she were mine.'

       She put her head in the crook of my neck. Her long dark hair cascaded over her shoulders and down her back, the blue highlights almost glowing in the light of the ladies room. I wanted to stay like this. I put my arms around her. I didn't know what she was going through but it didn't seem good. He must be an a*****e, 

       "My parents picked him for me." She whispered. Her hot breath hit against my chest and made my stomach tightened. I would never leave her alone if I were her husband.    

       "Hm," I nodded. I wanted to comfort her, take away all her pain, "You look tired," Bending, I kissed her head. I pulled back from her. She groaned. I startled. My breath was knocked out of my body. I was scared and worried about, "You. Were. A. Virgin." I felt my voice full of shock, though I knew it, "I'm sorry. Things should be different." I ran my hand in her silky soft hair, massaged her nape. I tried to comfort her. 

        She leaned back against the mirror on the marble counter of the ladies room. She glanced at me through her hooded eyelashes and smiled softly.

      ' I don't know. What's she going through? But I can feel her pain behind this beautiful smile. '

       I lifted my hand to touch her face. Abruptly, someone rapped on the door, "I need to pee! Get out," Someone yelled. 

       I chuckled. I placed my hands on both sides of her on the counter, "We need to go, Angel." I kissed her nose. 

       Her lips curled up in an attractive smile, her cheeks were flashing red.

       'I'm glad I caused this to her but I can not say the same for the pain. '

       "She's my friend. Can you open the door?" She asked in a soft and low tone. 

       I nodded at her, "Wait for a second," I said out loud, so her friend could also hear me. Taking a small step back, I fastened my jeans. 

      I placed my hands on her waist. I wore her out. I draw her on her feet, gripping her softly by her waist. I pulled her dress down, adjusted her strips, gathered her hair at one side, and zipped up the remaining part of her black dress. My fingers brushed on her soft skin. I needed to control myself. She was already looking drained and I shouldn't forget. She was married. 

     ' I still can not believe this s***. I would never keep my hands away from her. She is a bad habit. That sounds like it will ruin you if you ignore it. '

       "You ok?" I asked her. 

       She glanced up at me with a smile and pecked on my jaw. Without her heels, she was reaching to my chin. She leaned back and gripped the counter. 

       Another knock echoed, "I need to open it before she breaks it." I returned her smile. Her grip was tight on the counter. 

       I sauntered at the door and unlocked it. The door banged open and hit the wall with the impact of her palms over it. She glanced at Angel, " You okay?" Her friend rushed at her, her gaze and tone worried. 

       She smiled and nodded, "Can we go home?" She asked. 

      I wondered. Was she talking about her husband's house? Suddenly, I wanted to ruin him for marrying her. She belonged to me, my arms around her close to my chest. 

     'S***! What am I thinking? She needs to be loved.'

       "Sure," Her friend looked at me in puzzlement. 

       She curled her arm around her waist, "You need to open your eyes. I can carry you on my back," She suggested. 

       "I'll manage," Angel smiled. 

       I kept looking at her. Her husband was a fu***** jerk. How could he abandon his beautiful wife? And He did not touch her! 

       She stumbled on her feet. I hurried toward her and scooped her up in my arms. I didn't wanna leave her side. But I couldn't do it until she wanted it too..... 

       "I'll walk," She protested but her head found its way to the crook of my neck. 

       "I can see," I scowled. But it wasn't for her. 

           'Why didn't I meet her before?'

       The hall was more crowded than before. The music was loud. But she was the centre of my attention, her sweet scent, I could smell myself on her. 

        "Did you both...?" her friend trailed, looking at us with round big eyes.

      I didn't know. What should I say? I didn't want her marriage to shatter because of me. But a major part of me wanted to take her home and said two words to her bastard husband, 'F*** off!'

       "Yes, you're thinking the exact thing," She giggled against my chest. She was a little tipsy. 

       "Are you ok?" Her friend looked worried. I could not ignore her smile. 

       "Yes, a soft pain in my stomach." She muttered. Her lips nudged on my chest as she spoke. 

       I stopped walking. I caused this pain to her, "We need to see a doctor," I told her. I felt my heart beating. 

       She opened her eyes and shook her head. Our gaze locked. I could stare into her eyes and I would not get bored. I felt attached to her. I didn't understand what this was.

      ' She's special. I will never forget our time spent together. I'll never forget her. '

      "She'll be fine in the morning," Her friend said and unlocked her black SUV. She opened the door for her. 

      Walking ahead, I reclined her down to the seat. I softly kissed her, claiming her lips. My inside was shouting at me not to leave her. She returned the kiss. 

      My chest was heaving when I pulled back. I glanced at her one more time, "Never forget me, Angel," I pulled back and glanced at her face longer. She was looking back at me, without blinking. She nodded her head. 

       I had a strong feeling. She could feel this, us. I was scared of her forgetting me, her... letting another man touch her. Shit! I hadn't felt it before

       Taking a step back, I closed the door. Her friend was already behind the wheel. She was glancing at me. I nodded at her. 

       Quickly I turned my gaze to my angel. She didn't close her eyes and kept looking at me. I took several steps back, making way for her car to go. 

       I sauntered to my car. Shoving my hand in my jeans, I took out the keys of my black Audio. I unlocked my car and settled behind the wheel. 


       ' I will never forget her. If she's meant to be mine. We'll meet again and I'm not letting her go. I don't give a f**k if she is married. She will be mine. I promise to myself. '


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