I stumbled on my feet. I closed my eyes and his attractive features flashed in my mind, "He's so handsome," I whispered in Livia's ear.

      Livia giggled softly and patted her hand on my back, "Shh!" She clamped her hand over my mouth, "We're at your husband's whereabouts. He'll hear you," She said in a slow voice, almost whispering in my ear. 

      I curled my both arms around her, "You're my sister, my best friend, I love you. I don't care about my husband," I pulled away from her and took a deep breath. It wasn't a lie. 

      I pushed open the door. It creaked. I glanced at her and put my finger over my lips. My body was feeling strange to me. There was a sweet pain in my stomach and I was sore.

      "He must be sleeping. We shouldn't make noise. And we can't talk about him, he has beautiful blue eyes, handsome face, attractive features, chiselled face, strong jawline, one day old stubble. He's amazing. I like him. Do you understand? What do I mean?" I asked her with a smirk and wiggled my brows at her. 

     'I don't know. It was vodka or he. But I'm feeling on clouds. When I said - I like him. I mean it.'

     "We'll talk about him in the morning," She muttered again, "I will be more glad the day I will see you with a person who deserves you," Livia said. 

     'I know. She means it. She's my family after my parent's death.'

      I should be in deep remorse. That I cheated on my husband. But I wasn't. He didn't even glance at me. On our wedding night, he picked up the pillow and walked to the hall. He slept in his office. 

      Livia gestured to me to be quiet. I nodded and put my finger on my lips. My smile was still on display. She grasped my wrist and tugged me into the hall, closing the door softly behind her. 

      I pressed my finger over my lips and stared at the female and male's clothes scattered on the floor. He was with someone. 

      " Is he with someone?" She asked in a whisper. 

      I recognized the black tie. I gifted it to my husband. No! I bought it after the completion of one month of our wedding. It took me a long moment to react. By that time, Livia was already holding my wrist. She was walking toward our bedroom. Her expression was stormy. 

       I knew. He was with someone. He was playing to be a husband but he wasn't totally in. 

       Livia pushed the door open. It wasn't locked. I had always seen my husband in his business suit. We could hear a female moaning 

       She turned on the lights. More than my husband, I had spent time with my friend, Livia. 

       They winced. His secretary let out a shriek. They pushed the comforter to their chest. 

      My face blanched at the sight. I wasn't startled him having s** with his secretary. Her round stomach held my gaze. She covered herself by pulling the comforter to her body. Her mouth opened in shock. 

      I stumbled as I tried to step forward. Livia stopped me, "She's his secretary." I smiled at Livia, "I've seen her once," I rubbed my fingers over my forehead, "Perhaps more, I don't remember." I smiled. 

      Her face was whited sighting my naked husband with his n***d secretary. She didn't even blink. 

      I gazed at my husband. He and his secretary were looking at me with startled expressions, mouths wide open. They must haven't expected me. 

       "I thought. She's staying with Livia," My husband whispered to her. 

       He grabbed his trousers from the edge of the bed, "Don't!" Livia squealed, "I'm not interested in seeing your junk. My lawyer will see you in the morning with divorce papers." She fumbled with her clutch and took out my wedding ring. She threw it at him. It laid on the comforter. They were still looking at us with widened eyes. Livia tightened her hand on the doorknob and locked the door with a thud. 

      I was still staring at the closed door with a smile. My head was spinning. My heart was beating louder. I was thinking about only him, not my husband and his girlfriend. 

      Her hold was painful on my wrist. I tried to pull away. But she stormed out of the house. She was furious. She opened the door for me on the passenger side and gazed at me. Her forehead frowned as I offered her a smile. 

      "He's sleeping with his secretary and you're smiling." He scolded me. 

      I shrugged my shoulders and got in the car. I could still feel pain in my lower stomach. I didn't know his name. I wasn't a virgin now. My husband was sleeping with his secretary. I wasn't sad that my husband was cheating on me. Perhaps, he was sleeping with her before our wedding. Perhaps, he loved her and that could be the reason he couldn't accept our wedding. 

       "I don't love him." I glanced at my husband's house. 

       Livia nodded in understanding. She closed the door to my side and circled the car. She pushed open the door and got behind the steering wheel. She sent a quick message to Ivan and ignited the engine. 

      The ride toward her house was spent in silence. I should be upset. I was upset. It wasn't because I found my husband with another girl. Because I couldn't ask his name, I couldn't spend more time with him, I didn't know. Would I ever meet him again? I wanted to be with him. 

       She pulled over the car in the garage of the building. I stared at the door through the rearview mirror. There was a guard on both sides of the door. I sighed in relief when he wasn't following her car. 

       I opened the door. I didn't have money, my clutch and my phone with me. I left it in his house before going to the club. I stared at my feet, "Where are my heels?" I frowned. 

       "Backside," Livia opened the passenger side door and took out my black stiletto. 

       I slipped my feet in it, "Do you know his name?" I asked her. 

       She smirked at me, "You're missing him, not your cheater husband." She held my wrist again. 

        "I have cheated on him too," I said as she led me to the elevator. 

       She pressed the button, "He should not marry you if he is seeing someone else. And you didn't cheat on him. He was cheating on you. I can bet... Before the wedding. Don't blame yourself. You should have done this months ago, " She pulled me into the elevator. 

       I put my head on her shoulder, "Okay, how will I know his name?" I asked her. 

      'I'll never drink again. I should be sad.'

      She chuckled, "I'll ask Ivan. His friend's owner of the club. He must know him." She patted her fingers softly on my cheeks, "Don't sleep on my shoulder. Hold on for a few minutes," She said. 

      I nodded my head. She began to tug me again. I kept my eyes closed. I felt pressure on my shoulder. My heels slipped away from my feet. I felt the mattress beneath me, "Sleep tight," she kissed my head. I heard the clink of her heels and the sound of the door closing. 

       I was drunk. It didn't take me long to fall asleep. I couldn't push away his thoughts and his beautiful face, dark hair, blue eyes. 


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