My head was pounding. I couldn't forget his blue eyes. It was the first thing that flashed in my mind after waking up. I was scared before closing my eyes that I would forget him. Even I dreamed about him. His words were haunting me, 'Never forget me, Angel.' 

        " I would never," I opened my eyes and pushed the comforter away. It was the weekend. Livia would be home. I pushed myself up. I could smell alcohol, his cologne and *** on me. What would he be doing? He would have forgotten me? I shook my head. 


       'I need to focus on something else like my husband. Jasper shouldn't marry me if he wasn't already committed. And Lorraine, she's pregnant. I'm sure about it and Jasper is the father of her child. I know what I will do now. I should have done it months ago as Livia has always told me. This marriage is only causing trou

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