32. Past Between Us

"I had a perfect family," Brian began, "or so I thought. My dad and mom were college sweethearts. They loved each other so much that I still find it hard to believe that my mom would do something like that. And now, all I feel towards her is hatred," He said and paused.

Hate...that was a strong feeling towards someone. The only person I hated was Jesse.

"My mom is a hot headed woman and I don't know why, but she always hated me. It was later that I got to know that she hated me because she didn't want to have a child with my dad. And before she could abort me, my dad got to know about it and so she couldn't do that."

My eyes widened. Why would she do that? What kind of a mother was she?

"When I was little, like nine or ten years old, I accidentally read one of my mom's texts. A man had texted her asking her to meet her at a hotel. When I checked her other texts, I got to know that she was cheating on my dad with another man. Naturally, I was very furious

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