34. Shock Between Us

It had been four weeks. Four weeks since I broke up with Darren. A lot has happened within this short period. Firstly, Darren had changed. He was no longer the same Darren I knew. He was more quiet now. He didn't talk to me much but wasn't hostile or bitter to me as I had expected. We talked, but not as often as we used to. Things soon turned awkward if we had a conversation exceeding more than three minutes.

Secondly, Claire and Jake were dating. I was so shocked when they told me. They started dating a week ago. I thought it was too early for Claire to be in a relationship already when less than four weeks ago, she broke up with Jesse. Not that I didn't like them dating, it was just that I felt that this escalated too quickly. But nevertheless, I was happy to see Claire happy again.

And if you were wondering, no I was not dating Brian yet. I didn't know why, but we were still not dating. But I dif love him and we had kissed a few times. It was just that I thought I s

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