35. A Monster Between Us

I cut the engine as I reached Jesse's house. I glanced up at his house and then at my surroundings. This was giving me the creeps.

Jesse lived in a house in the middle of nowhere. Not quite literally, but did he have to live in such a place where there were no freaking neighbours? I mean sure I could see some houses a bit far away, but would it have hurt so much to be a bit close to human civilisation?

Or maybe he just didn't want the neighbours to hear the girls' moans

and scream when he fucked them.

It was dark inside the house and around it. I was alone here, except that maybe Claire and Jesse are inside and my friends were going to come soon. I got out of the car and walked up the stairs to Jesse's doorstep.

Should I knock? Or just barge into the house? That would rude, but eh who cares, he has got my best friend locked up in his room.

I was about to touch the door handle when I heard a car pull up silently. I turned around to see Jake in

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