37. Loss Between Us

I woke up with a jolt. My whole body felt wet, I was sweating. I threw away the blanket I had draped myself with and sat up straight on my seat.

Reality finally sank in and I realised it was a dream. No, not a dream, It was the worst nightmare of my life. I took out the bottle of water Claire had in her bag and took a long gulp of it, not caring that the water ran down my neck and into my shirt. I calmed down my breathing and closed my eyes, massaging my temples.

This should never happen. Ever.

As if on cue, I heard hurried footsteps down the hallway, nearing me. My eyes snapped to the figure.

"What is it?" An alarmed voice asked someone. Please let this not be some sort of déjà vu!

"Emergency at Room 201! The patient is having a hard time breathing. Irregular heartbeats!" Another voice panicked.

"Send a nurse to Room 201!" The alarmed voice shouted back.

I quickly jumped to my feet and looked through the glass door at B

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