6. Crush Between Us

"Is this the whole year's homework? Cause it looks like that," I groaned. The school just got over and Brian is here in front of me with a pile of books in his hand. He dumped them in my car.

"No. Three days'. I want it all completed by tomorrow."

"What? Are you mad?! Three days' homework in half a day! How am I supposed to complete all of that? What do you think I am? A robot?" I groaned again, rubbing my hands down my face in frustration.

"I'm not sure. But I want it tomorrow," He smirked before walking away.


I slammed the books on the table. I was home. But I had a lot of work. Brian's work to be specific.

I got to work straightaway. I took out my pen and opened the books and copied the notes that Brian's friend had made into his book. It was too much. How could he do this to me?

I scrawled my bad handwriting on his books. What? Did he expect me to complete his homework in a calligraphy? Well, he was wro

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