8. Missing Between Us

Everybody was asleep, except me. I was here, brushing my teeth and trying to remain awake at six in the morning. School started at eight. And what was I doing up so early when school is two hours later? I got delivery duties to do for Brian, the asshole.

He was not coming today. And so I had to go there, to his house and drop off the books. What did he think I was? His delivery girl?

I took a slow, warm bath and put on a light blue shirt with black jeans. I was still sleepy, even after taking a bath. I was really not a morning person. On regular days I usually woke up at seven in the morning. 

It was already six thirty when I got into my car. I had told my mom that I was going to Claire's place and no further questions were asked.

Brian's house was a bit far away. It took half an hour to reach his house, the first time I met him and he had demanded a ride.

Most of the people in my neighbourhood were still asleep, peacefully. And I was her

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