9. Secrets Between Us

I looked up at the stranger who had barged into my bedroom. In the faint light of the moon, I could hardly make out his face. He was staring down at me. I could feel it.

My eyes widened in the shape of saucers as I realised who it was. I took a good look at his face, squinting my eyes to do so.

His grip on my mouth loosened a bit and I opened my mouth to speak. Or rather to shout.

"Bri-" I could barely get the name out  before I felt his palm slamming on my mouth again. I struggled under his grip but he was way too strong.

But I was not weak to resist him. I wriggled out of his hands. I put my hands on his chest and pushed him back. He stumbled on my bed. If he hadn't barged into my room at the dead of the night, I would have actually laughed at him.

I ran to my bedside table and switched the lamp on. And yes, it definitely was Brian.

I crossed my arms over my chest, giving him a glare.

"Hi. You look..." His eyes roamed up and do

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