10. Confusion Between Us

Brian's POV:

Damn it. What had I done? I was so stupid. What was I thinking when I was going to Brooke's house and that too, in the middle of the night? I was so embarrassed. I couldn't even face her. This had to top my list of embarrassing things I did.

And what I did when I got there was the stupidest thing ever. I know I was upset about mom, but that didn't mean I should act like an idiot. I just wasn't thinking straight last night because I was a bit drunk. I didn't drink very much. I knew I shouldn't have listened to Sam. He would take every opportunity to get drunk if he didn't get laid.

I still remember everything. Thank God I didn't reveal much about my parents to Brooke. I wondered what she would have done when she would have heard that. Would she have laughed at me? I doubted that.

Would she have comforted me? Or made fun of me and gossiped about it in our school

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