11. Pervert Between Us

From the corner of my eyes, I saw Brian walk past me. I heard the chair of the desk behind me move. Brian was sitting behind me.

I wanted to talk to him. But I wouldn't. Maybe I should just forget what happened yesterday. It was nothing. He was just being an idiot. And he was drunk. Drunk people do stupid things, right? And I even doubted he remembered what happened.

Plus he had ignored me all day and had already got a new friend. So I had all the right to ignore him too. And he wouldn't want me to talk to him either. I was boring. So he'll get what he wanted. And anyways he has got Gemma to entertain him.

The teacher entered the class and started teaching us. I carefully took notes and concentrated on the class. Or rather tried to.

After an hour, she put the chalk down and instructed us about some homework and soon she was out of class. The students began to file out of the class too.

I placed the strap of my bag on my shoulder, well aware of Bria

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