12. Beach Trip Between Us

"Hey! You ready?" I asked Claire. I had come to pick her up.

"Well yeah," She said. "I am so excited!"

"That Jake will be with me!" I finished her unspoken sentence, using the same level of excitement she used.

"Shut up!" She said, looking away. I saw a hint of red on her cheeks and smirked.

"Oh my God! You're blushing! Seriously, what did Jake do?" I wondered out loud.

She didn't reply but instead turned into a tomato. I shook my head at her.

We drove to Darren's place. We were all going to meet up there. Everyone was coming with us. Claire, Brian, Jake, Sam, Darren, Josh, Tyler and I. There were eight of us. Quite a party.

We pulled up at Darren's and got out. I knocked on the door.

A few seconds later, Darren opened the door.

"Hi," I and Claire said in unison.

"Hi," Darren said, hugging both of us.

"Has everyone made it here?" I asked.

"No. Some of the boys are still remaining, Brian and Sam," Dar

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