13. Past Between Us

We sat there for a while, not talking. Just staring at the sea before us.

Darren and Sam were back and were playing in the water. Claire was learning how to surf. Jake was teaching her. They looked cute together. Josh and Tyler were also surfing.

"Aren't you going in the water?" Brian asked me a few minutes later.

"Not now." I said. We had finished our coconut water and now the coconuts were resting between us.

He nodded and got up, dusting off sand on his jeans. Was he going?

"Want to take a walk along the beach?" He asked and extended his hand for me to take.

I took his hand as he helped me up. His warm hand sent tingles down my spine which I tried to ignore.

We started walking along the beach. Not many people were there. This beach was never crowded. Though it was a beautiful beach with a beautiful view of the sea, it still remained mostly deserted.

"What happened, Brooke?" Brian asked, his face turned in my direction.

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