Chapter 3 -- RAGE

Written by Evelyn Mba


Lara walked into his room with the glass of wine. He was seated on his usual spot, writing and reading scrolls.

Doesn't he get tired. She thought.

Nicklaus, what's the Problem? She said and sat down next to him, dropping the glass of wine on the table.

He didn't say a thing, he was used to it, being addressed as Nicklaus.

They Royal Court will be meeting this evening, and they would love to meet their Queen. He groaned and looked up to see a smiling Lara.

What is it? He asked and furrowed his brows.

Aren't you tired, you've been writing and reading for hours now. She stated.

Are you worried about me? He asked staring hard at her.

  Nope. She replied.

Drink this and get strength. She said and offered the drink.

He groaned and took the wine.

Did you poison this? He asked glaring hard at her.

  Who knows. She replied with a shrug.

He brought the wine to his lips and took a sip.

Immediately, he gulped down the whole glass of wine.

King Nicklaus felt his head on fire, his tongue was burning and he was forced to yell...


Lara couldn't help but laugh, she brought down the jug of water and offered it to him still laughing.

He gulped down the whole jug of water and turned to face Lara..

  What did you do? He asked, his voice full with rage.

She looked at him and she saw it, the rage.

She was afraid, no... She was scared.

This was the rage she heard people taking about.

For a while, she was dumb and unable to speak.

Then she heard the voice again.

What did you do?

I.... I.. was just pissed, that's why I did that. She replied shakily.

Am sorry.

She has never done this before, even when scared to death. She has never apologized.

Next time, you do that again. I won't be so merciful. Get out. He said and she stood up.

She never planned for this. The marriage.

Why is she so unfortunate. She wondered.


Working so earnestly, he recalled what she did.

He never takes pepper, it was the only thing he could refuse, but then she offered it to him smiling.

He mumbled some words and headed out of his room.

King Nicklaus walked to the garden.

Watching the water flow, the flower rustling. He groaned.

  It hurts, his chest, his head and tongue hurts.

Every part of him hurts.

He walked to Lara's room, standing in front of her room. He groaned.

He doesn't know why, but something wanted him to apologise.

He sighed, just as he was about to leave. His chest burned the more.

Then slowly, he lost consciousness...

My king ..... Was the only thing he heard as he slept.


My king. Princess Lara yelled.

It's the first time, she had ever seen him so weak. The fierce cruelest King.

Call the Royal Physician. She yelled shakily.

She doesn't know why but it hurts her so much to see him hurting.

The Royal Physician ran to her room, panting hard.

This has never happened, he was strong and has never shown weakness.

His Eyes were closed, jaw clenched and face pale.

What's.... What's wrong with him. She asked the physician who hasn't said anything ever since check up.

The maids must be punished, they all know he doesn't take pepper. And someone fed him pepper. He half yelled.

She stiffened. It was her, she gave it to him not knowing about his allergy.

She recalled what he asked. " What did you do? 

He knew, but he was too proud to say a thing.

To tell her about it, his allergy.

Tears Prickle down x she doesn't hate him this much to harm him.

What's wrong with him? She found her shaking voice asking.

  This was a life threatening allergy attack, but he will be okay. The physician assured her and left.

She walked up to the bed crying hard. 

She nearly killed him.

She did that but yet he let her go, without harming her.

What did I do? She yelled sobbing hard.

Please wake up Nicklaus, even if it's for me.

Just wake up, please.

I won't be able to forgive myself, If you don't. She said still crying.

This was it, this was her weak side.

She sat beside him, humming her songs. Praying for his recovery.


The day was bright, the tree rustle by the side.

King Nicklaus slowly opened his eyes. The pain was gone. He tilted his head and found her beside him.

Eyes swollen, hands entangled with his. He let himself admire her beautiful face.

She is indeed beautiful.

Then he recalled her calling him "My King, he smiled.

He tucked some hair strands to the back of her ears.

  Slowly, she woke up and looked at him.

She didn't care, if he would see her in her weak point.

Tears flowed down her cheek.

Am sorry, I caused this. Am sorry. She sobbed.

He said nothing, looking at her cry.

This part of her was the Princess he married not a crazy Lara.

Stop it Lara. His voice came out deep and thick.

No one has done this before and go free, but he let her go unharmed.

This was definitely something.

His hands went to her face and cleaned the tears that was prickling down.

She looked at him, and shut her mouth up.

This man surely wants to change her somehow.

You've forgiven me. Her voice came out more like a statement.

He nodded and leaned back on the bed.

His eyes piercing hers. He groaned.

Sing for me , Lara.

T. B. C

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