Chapter 14 -- THE PLAN

Written by Evelyn Mba


This is bad, this man is not supposed to be seen here. Hilina said as she took slow trembling steps to Beth's room.

What is it, walk faster. I don't have time for all these. He yelled and she increased her pace.

Finally, she got there.

Whew, that was really close. She whispered to herself.

Your Majesty, he's here. She said and the door opened.

Come in. Beth said.

He took steady steps, and finally his eyes met hers.

  Desire.... No lust flashed in his eyes. He was quick to hide it.

But she saw it.

Hmph. She muttered.

What a man. She said with knitted brows.

I would like it if you keep your eyes to yourself. Beth said frowning.

Why am I here? He asked Looking around.

  I have an assignment for you Baraka.

A good one.

Go on. Baraka said with a smile on the corner of his lips.

  Somehow he loves the tone she used when she
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