Chapter 16 -- MISSING

Written by Evelyn Mba


The sun came out, shinning brightly.

 The morning breeze was not soothing, like every other morning.

Something off...

 Something was definitely wrong.

Kali, it's really refreshing come and see for yourself. Lara yelled walking in the water.

Using her legs to rub pebbles.

Kali, you don't want to miss this. She yelled again.

No, Princess I hate water. Kali yelled back.

Ohh, okay.. suit yourself. Lara said making Kali chuckle.

We're not supposed to be here, Princess.

Remember what my Mom said.

The Bad sign?

Yes Princess, the bad sign.

I suggest we go to the Palace now, please.

I don't like it here. Kali said making faces.

Okay, am out. Lara yelled coming out of the water.

Kali? Kali?

Where are you? Come out let's go now. She yelled looking for her maid..

The trees and the leaves rustle hard.

She inhaled and sat do
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