Written by Evelyn Mba


Baraka stood outside his little house. 

  The day was already getting dark.

Kill her?? He scoffed as he recalled that.

He took the Queen for himself not even for the Princess.

  And she is killing her already..

He took out his cigarette and lit it up.

He's not giving up on the Queen.

Now that he has her, he's never letting her go.



What the... Princess Lara yelled stiring up.

  She has been asleep for hours now.

It shocks her to the bone, that she's not even moved.

She not even afraid. 

Maybe she believes on Nicklaus so much, that even fear couldn't crawl to her.

Are you awake? She heard a voice.

Yes,as you can see. She snapped.

What am I doing here? Why did you take me away?

She yelled again.

If you want to stay alive Queenie , just shut up. He said calmly.

You don't

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