Author: Ivy Writes


Written by Evelyn Mba


It came, the day King Dacien dreaded the most.

He knew King Nicklaus would wanted what he loves most. His daughter.

The Royal table was set, King Nicklaus already seated in his seat waited for his request. The Princess.

He was the most cruelest King in the whole clan. He was feared by all.

Her Royal Highness. A guard said and bowed.

King Nicklaus smirked knowing fully well he won, they couldn't say no to his request.

He would have burned down the whole village. If they had said no to him.

Hi Mom. Princess Lara said and gave her mom a peck.

They day looks perfect, don't you think so Nicklaus. She said again.

King Nicklaus's brow furrowed and he said nothing.

Silence came filling the whole palace.

   Knowing fully well that she was determined to make King Nicklaus miserable smirked at his reaction.

The silence stretched till it reach and end.

You seem to be enjoying this? Huh?? His voice came out thick and Scary. He was pissed.

  Yes Nicklaus. It's a good day after all. She said with a shrug.

King Nicklaus knew what she was doing, she's daring him. She doesn't know what he is capable of.

King Dacien cleared his throat after a brief silence.

Uhm.. your majesty, let's talk about the wedding. He said in a pleading tone.


Lara scoffed unable to hold the anger she's feeling. 

Why does her father calls him Majesty??

He's one too, isn't he?

Wedding, I just got engaged today Dad. And you're talking about the wedding. She half yelled and stood up.

At least King Nicklaus would see it, that she wasn't afraid of him.

She stood up and left the table, leaver her Mom dumbfounded.

We're sorry your majesty, she isn't feeling well today. King Dacien said.


King Nicklaus sat on his table writing and reading scrolls. That was his normal routine. 

Either he is writing or reading scrolls.

A knock came in. 

Come in. He said almost a whisper but it was heard. He doesn't tell just whisper.

  What do you want Beth? He asked his eyes not leaving the scrolls.

I wanted to check up on you. She said lowering her gaze.

   Get out. He said his face masked with an unreadable expression.

Slowly Beth walked out. She had loved him first and now a Lara is coming to take him.

She would never let that happen.


Wow... Princess Lara exclaimed stepping down from her chariot. She was now married, married to the cruelest man alive.

She wasn't afraid but pissed.

Pissed about everything. She had promise herself to give him a miserable life.

She walked into his room and there he was writing on a scroll.

Hey, your majesty. She said sarcastically.

He looked up and saw a grinning Lara.

I would prefer it to be King Nicklaus. He said and continued writing.

  She sighed and moved to the door. 

Lara. He called and she turned to meet his gaze.


His voice came huskily and deep.

King Nicklaus was a man short of words.

What?? Princess Lara yelled.

She scoffed still standing there like a log of wood.

He should have known by now, she's not a scary type.

And to strip in front of him is something she would never do even in her next life...

There was a brief silence, King Nicklaus looked up and saw a clothed Lara.


His voice came again but this time very Scary..

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