Flirting ?

Finally it came free and she dragged it out of the car. She stood back up and looked at me, huffing slightly with reddened cheeks. A long strand of hair had fallen in front of her face and she blew on it, flustered. Looking back at me, she gave a triumphant, if sardonic, smile. "Whew! Do you have this affect on all the girls?"

I cocked an eyebrow at the comment, but didn't have time to reply before she shoved the overstuffed bag towards me. "Show me what else you can do!"

Reactively I lifted the bag and turned to the door. Vivian had just come back out and saw me. "Ah, is he being obedient now?" she called out laughingly.

"A perfect gentleman," Monica replied sweetly.

"Well that's good to hear! I'll make us up some eats. Lock the car up and come on in!"

I rotated back around to bump the car door shut with my body, but Monica stood between me and it. "Could you

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