Unlike other days

I realized with some shame that as soon as I was alone in the bedroom, my mind still recycling and replaying some of that recent exchange of words, that my mild excitement had zero trouble growing into a full blown problem.

 Admonishing myself, I realized that at least my earlier anxiety helped to mask something of what I was really feeling. The problem being though, that I was really feeling something in the first place due to Monica.

I tried to squelch my guilt and just put the entire thing out of my innocent mind. Readying myself with some haste, I escaped the apartment and told Vivian that I was heading into work for the afternoon, that someone called me to transport goods for him, hopefully to clear up most of the loose ends so I could relax away the majority of the week. Monica was in the guestroom, presumably getting dressed for the day, and so I avoided having to say anything to her.

Regardless of

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