Unwelcomed visit

I tried to penetrate and she stopped me. I didn't had sex with her that night. I was scared my family may broke down.

I remembered the talk with J.B.C, I thought it was best to just stay out of our new neighbors way. Something about them seemed abnormal. But they had a way of keeping themselves at the forefront of your mind.

They blared their loud, abrasive, rap music all day long. The engines on their cars were enough to wake up the entire neighborhood whenever they drove home in the middle of the night. And seeing the fear in J.B.C.'s eyes when he spoke about these two told me that they were trouble. Plus, a lot of shady looking people who were moving and strolling in and out of their apartment, the type of people I didn't want in our neighborhood. I hated to say it, but part of me feared for our own safety.

Beyond all that, the way Stella, Bella and those girls looked at me made me more uncomfortable than I had ever b

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