My Contract Husband: One More Day
My Contract Husband: One More Day
Author: FearGod Prince

Bad news

I woke up and started feeling pains right inside my chest, not only the pain but I started loosing breath. This was the first time I was having the feeling in my life. I walked out slowly to the living room and everywhere was clean already. Caleb my house help had finished doing what he does best. A smile ran across my face as I saw everywhere spackling clean. I headed to the kitchen and saw Linda as she kept herself busy in the kitchen.

“What are you making this early morning?’’ I asked her and she turn and greeted me and then replied, ”Ma, I said lemme prepare fried rice today’’ she replied .

“fried rice? This early morning?’’ You don’t have to be stressing yourself, preparing food that will take you long to prepare in the morning” I said.

“You don’t have to worry ma, Am not complaining. Anyway, am paid to cook. Don’t worry, I have no problem with it.’’ She replied.

“Ok, Its aright, if you say so’’. I said and walked out of the kitchen and headed to my room. I took off my cloth and entered the bathroom. I started feeling the pain again on my chest. It feels like my heart is burning, as if a coal of fire was inserted into my heart. I couldn’t tell or explain what was happening to me, the strange experiment going inside my body system.

 I managed to take my bath and have a full of myself with my breakfast. I walked back to my room and changed to my office suit, then zoom off to the hospital. 5 minute drive, I started feeling the pains again, this time it started hurting me so badly. My hand started shaking. I hold the car steering wheel so firmly so I won’t loose guard. I wanted to stop and call 911 but immediately changed my mind and continue driving, hoping I will get to the hospital before it became worse. As I was, driving, I didn’t notice a bus that was packed, meters away from the road, I tried to hold the break but couldn’t help out much as I hits it from the back. I became scared of what the incident will result to. Am the one at fault here, the car wasn’t blocking me, neither is it moving.

I wasn’t shocked as I stared hearing someone raising his voice. I slowly came out of the car as keep keeps shouting on top of his voice.

“Am very sorry sir”. I said with my nicest tone so he would try and calm down but he kept shouting at me.

“Do you know how I have spent on this bus? Am I blocking the raod? Its very obvious that you intentionally hit my car”. He continued shouting on top of his voice.

“Sir please try and hear mr out, it wasn’t intentional. I…I”.

“Just hold is there young lady, am not in the mood to hear story. I can see that this is a temptation to stop me from going where wanted to go. Just hold your useless apologies to yourself” He said and stared at me, then wakled up to his bus.

“I can fix it for you”. I said and he stopped, turn and stare at me.

“Did I asked you to help me? I can fix it myself.’. He said and hump inside his bus. I tried to walk up to him and he zoom off living me in confusion. That’s when I realize I wasn’t feeling fine, though the pains have reduced, not hurting me like the few minutes ego I collided with the car.

I entered my car and drive off. I got to the hospital and headed to my doctor’s office. By the time I came, he was busy with someone inside, so I have to wait for him to settle with the person. I sat on the seat and start pressing my phone. I would feel the pain at intervals but I manage not to get noticed as I try and endure the pain inside.

“You can go in now” A nurse said as she came out of his office, 10minutes after the last person the doctor attended had gone.

 After telling him how its doing me, he recommend that I should go and run some test. He made a call and a nurse came in and I followed her. She took my blood and urine as specimen for the test and told me to come back the next day. 

I went back to the doctor's office and he wrote a drug for me. 

"what is this drugs for sir". I asked. 

"The drug have nothing to do with your illness. Its just to reduce the pain for sometimes. We will take another step after the result is out." He said. 

 "Its alright sir, I understand. Thank you very much" I said. 

"Come back tomorrow and collect your result" He said and I left. 

I bought the drug from the pharmacy department and headed to my office. I got to the company and lucky for me, my boss have not arrived, if not I would have answered query on why I didn't come on time. As I got into to my office, I took the drug and continue my work for the day. I didn't feel the pain again which made me to start to feel like am healed already. I feel energized throughout the whole day unlike other days.  

The next day I found myself in the hospital before the time of my appointment so I can collect it and get to work on time. 

I entered and he handed the result over to me. I read and saw where they wrote "CORONAL ARTERY DISEASE". I don't understand sir, what is wrong me? If I tell you I understand what I written here, just know that am pretending. What exactly is wrong with me?" I asked.

"Hmmm. After going through the test, we found out that you have corona artery disease. Coronary artery disease is the buildup of plaque in the arteries that supply oxygen-rich blood to your heart. Plaque causes a narrowing or blockage that could result in a heart attack. Symptoms include chest painor discomfort and shortness of breath." He explains.

"You are scaring me doctor". I said.

"Sorry about that, I just have to explain everything to you so you will understand what is going on in your body system". He said.

"Does this disease have a cured". I asked.

"Some do survive it but its rare. According to the results, its getting to the peak and am sorry to tell you that you have 90-100days to live". He replied. 

My heart started beating immediately. I became scared. Does it mean am going to die? Die soon? Why me!? Tears started rushing down my cheek.

"Am sorry, I know how painful is it. But its better I tell you the truth."

He was still talking, giving me words of encouragement when a nurse rushed inside.

"Doctor we have an emergency. The billionaire's daughter need your attention". She said in hurry tone.

"Sorry Ma, I need to attend someone". The doctor said and rushed out immediately, leaving me in tears and heartbreak.

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