I got back home without going to work. All I could do is cry and cry in my room, knowing that am going to die soon. I couldn't eat for days. All I was thinking was how I was going to die. The happiness in me vanished, leaving me in agony.

After some days, I decided to invite my parents. At least to spend some days with them before I die. I decided to do everything possible to make them happy before my departure. 

During the evening time,I picked up my phone and dialed my dad mobile number.

 "Dad, I would like you and mom to come over. To spend some time with me. For like a month. Would that be possible?" I asked.

"That's nice, but I will visit you depending on you getting married. I and your mom have waited enough". He replied.

"I know that. That's why I said you should come." I lied indirectly.

"You mean you went ahead and got married without informing us?". He asked

"Dad, remember that your condition was to invite you when I am married, and not to invite you for a wedding. So tell me dad, when are you coming to spend some time with me?" I asked.

"Hahaha, OK you win. Congratulation my darling. I think its time to meet my son in law. So tell me, who gave you hand in marriage"? He asked.

"Dad, it was just a small thing, its just a small court wedding with a few friends present. The white wedding and traditional will follow later." I said.

"Its alright. Congratulation my daughter, am so proud of you." He said.

"Thank you dad. So when will you be coming over?". I asked again.

"Your mom will decide on that when she gets back home"! He replieD.

"Alright daddy. Bye. My regards to mommy." I said drop the phone on the bed. I couldn't sleep, just thinking about what I know I can't change. 



The next day, I was in my office working when my best friend, Beatrice came.

"Babe, you would have told them the truth, they will still come." She said.

"I know my parents very much. I don't want to disturb them with it. I just need to spend time with them. They are the only one that I have. I want them to be happy". I said.

"I understand. Then you need to find a husband". She suggested.

"I don't need a husband". I said.

"Huh? you don't need a husband? So how can you do it?" She asked.

"I just need a man who will act like my husband, and am willing to pay for it". I said.

"Wait, like a contract?". She asked.

"Exactly, you get it. Like a contract." I replied.

"But.but. that will be difficult. Getting a husband, I mean hiring a husband". She said.

"I know, but we have to try". I said.

"Its alright. you can do and try on I*******m, Snapchat and F******k, even twitter. Then you put your face. You even beautiful and you have money. A lot of guys will rush you." She said.

"Am serious girl. This is not a joke". I said .

"Am I joking? Am just giving you suggestions. Social media is big now, you can easily find one there." She said.

"That's a nice idea". I said.

"A lot of guys will rush you. When last did you have sex?"She asked.

"Don't be silly babe" I said laughing at her question.

"I know it has been Long. You will enjoy too once you get one. You will be getting some, you know" She saoid teasing me more.

"Just stop it". I said.

"I have somewhere to go, I said lemme come and see you". She said,sitting up.

"It's alright dear. Thanks for coming". I replied and she left.




"Few weeks later, I decided to go and see my mechanic. My car has been making some strange nice ever since I hit the strangers bus. I was in Friday and I was off at work. I decided to make use of the leisure time and work on my car. I took my breakfast and drove off. 



"Wow madam, It's been long. This one you are here today. What is wrong with your baby". Jack asked as I stepped out of the car in front of his workshop. 

"I don't know, my car has been making this terrible noice ever since I got into a mere accident". I said.

"Accident? When? Hope you we're not hurt". He asked. 

"As you can see, am fine. Just that the car developed a problem which am sure you can fix." I said.

"You would have come with the car after the incident. It must be the engine sitting. Go inside and fire the car". He said and a hump in and buzz the engine. 

"Its ok its ok". He said and I stopped.

"Hey My guy!! my guy!!". He shouted with his loud voice with excitement written all over his face. I Wondered who he is hailing and came down from the car and saw the other guy I hit his bus. 

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Joe Dennis
good storyline. but to get good interest from english readers you need an editor because if this is translated to english it does not come out smooth. the spelling is great.

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