Do it and get paid

"My Man!" He exclaimed and they hugged and exchanged greetings. 

"My bus is having issues, I came so you can help me and fix it." He said. 

"Your car is having issues? Ok you know what? Off that your music first to I can attend to my client first." Jack said. 

"I should off my music. I should off my music because you are have a big car to work on? You must be joking". The guy said. 

"When the battery of that your nonsense car will off you will know who will give you battery to restart it". Jack said and he rushed without hesitating and off the loud music.

"Jack, what are you saying?" I said as the guy rushed out of the scene to off the music. 

"You know what. The engine shitting have a problem. It has four sets of rubbers that are used for the sitting. So what we will do is to buy the original one which is $50. After am done with the car, it will just be like a brand new car." Jack explained. 

As we we're talking, the guy came back again and as he came closer, our eyes meet and that lasted for some seconds. 

"Hello, Good morning". I greet him, waving hello to him. 

"Am suprised to see you". He said and we shake hands. 

He went back to his car as I continued discussing with jack. After i was done with jack, I looked back at the direction where his friend was working on his bus. 

I walked up to him and he stood up as I got closer to him. I don't know why I want to give him a try even when he seems not smart enough for the job. Looking at him, it's obvious he have not experienced what I want I wanted him to do but something inside of me was pushing me to give it a try. 



*Mike Pov*. 



I was a little bit confused when I looked back and saw her coming to my direction. "What did she want from me? Why is she coming to me?" This was what was going through my mind. 

I got up as she came closer to me. She's a very beautiful girl. Looking at her, she's probably on her twenties. She have a beautiful face with an attractive blue eyes. Her nose is pointed which matched with her pink natural lips and her long blonde hair. She so classy and out of my league.

"Hello, sorry to disturb you". She said.

"Disturb me? No don't worry, I don't have problem with that". I replied. 

"My name is Jennifer, and you? " She said stretching her hand for a hand shake. 

"My name is Mike". I replied as i feel the softness or her palm as I shaked her. 

"Sorry for the other say, I was about to apologize and you drove off". She said.

"Its not a problem. Its fine". I replied. 

"I have a job offer for you. Will you leave this job if you get a better job?". She asked. 

"A better job? Yeah, What type of job is that?". I asked hoping to get a response from her immediately only for her to dip her hand inside her hand bag and brought out a business card.

"This is my card. You can come to my office next week so we can discuss on it". She said handling the card over to me. 

"I would have prefered if you tell me here but no problem, I will be there". I replied and she left to her car. 

I stared at the card and stared at her as she's walking toward her card. Her ass is so round that its swaying from left to right as she's working. I smiled at the card and continued what am doing. 




"Jennifer pov"



I was in my office in Monday morning when an unfamiliar knock landed on my door. 

"You can come in!" I said raising my phone I little bit high. My assistant would have escorted the person inside but since she's not around, I have no choice than to be raising my voice anytime I heard I knock on my door. 

The door opened and it was the guy I gave my card for the contract. He dressed with his working cloth, I red top and a washed blue jean. He walked up to my table and stood, probably waiting for me to tell him to seat down before taking a seat. 

"Will you prefer standing up while we go on,? If you are waiting for me tell you to seat down before you make yourself comfortable, you will continue standing till we are done." I said as I continued working on my laptop, then stopped and look up at him. He hesitated for a while before taking a seat. 

"I thought you would declined my request". I said looking directly at him. 

"Who will in his right senses, declined an opportunity for a better job when there's no job in the country. I might be crazy sometimes but am not mad". He said. 

"It's alright. Thanks for coming". I said. 

"So what's the job all about" I asked. 

"Hmmmm. You can call it a job, yeah, but you can also call it a contract". I said. 

"Wow, I like the word contract. As you already noticed. Am a bus driver. So what type of goods. I can carry any goods you want, its not a problem to me". He said smiling. 

"Oh, its not that type of job. Its not About driving or carrying goods. What am about to tell you is totally different from it." I said and his face changed. 

"I hope its something I can do". He said. 

"Yeah, I think. So that job is that I want you to pose like you are my husband for one month". I said and I his face changed again. Now he seems to be confusd on what I said. 

"I don't understand what you said. You mean I will pose, like I will act like your husband for one month right? ". He asked.

"Yeah, you are correct. I want you to act as if you are my husband for one month and a will pay you five hundred thousand dollars." I said.

"Wait lemme understand you well. I will act like your husband, when am not really your husband?" He asked again. 

"Yeah, exactly". I relied.

"This is scam. How can you tell someone to act like a husband. Check it, it's not good. Wait, is this why you called me here? ".  

"Listen, its nothing. I will pay you $500k, Okay? just for 30 days, one month." I said. 

"The money or the time schedule is not my problem. My problem is that this is scamming and you want to use me. God forbid. I can't do it." He said with a straight face. I couldn't believe what he's saying. I thought he will just agree to do it once I mention the money. 

"Listen. Mike. I want you to do this for me. I know you can do it. Just for one month and we are done." I said. 

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