"There must be a reason behind this. Why did you want me to do it?. Its obvious you want to use me."He said. 

"Please stop saying that. This is a job offer, just act as my husband for one month and we are done. I will pay you $500k immediately". I said. 

"You have not answered my question. Why did you want me to do it". He asked. 

"Its alright I will tell you". I said. 

"Go on, am all ears". He replied. 

"My parents are coming to visit me. That's not the problem. The problem there is that I told them that am married. That am living with my husband but am not married. So I want you to act as my husband from the day they come till the day they will leave the house". I said and he stared at me and laugh. 

"Ha haha, you sound funny". He said as he continued laughing. 

"Why are you laughing? Am not joking, Mike. I really need you to do this for me and I will pay you". 

"Wait, I want to ask a question". He said keeping his light thump on his lips. 

"What is that?". I asked. 

"Why are you doing all these. You have money, you are rich. Why don't you get a man I have a wedding with him. You very beautiful to be unmarried. Anyway maybe you don't want to get married. But wait.. Why can't you tell them that you are not married to avoid all this stress. Just call them and tell them that you are still single and stop this unnecessary stress." He said. 

"What you said is good but I can't do it now, I've already told them that I've gotten married and am living with my husband". I said. 

"Why did you tell them in the first place that you are married when you are still single". He asked.

"You won't understand. And I think I don't owned you any further explanation.  

Are you doing or not? Are you accepting the offer?". I said. 

"Am sorry, am not going to do it. How can you bring me here for this kind of job, I don't do this kind of dirty job. I thought you wanted to offer me real contract. What I do is transporting goods from one place to another. Find another person who will do it for you". He said raising his voice.

"Please calm dowm. No need to shout. Are you in or not? I don't see what is difficult in this." I said.

"Hold it there, Miss big madam. Everything here is difficult. You are asking me to commit a criminal offence. You don't know that Pretending to be something you are not, by law, is a criminal offence. You called me here to turn me to a thief so I will go to jail". I said raising his voice again.

"You are shouting". I said, trying to calm him down.

"Don't tell me that am shouting. What you are telling me to do is very difficult. If you have a business that you want us to do, good. You take your share and I take mine and go. You are happy, am happy. Sorry, I can't do what you are saying. I can't pretend, am not an actor." He insist.

"You know what". I said.

"Yes? what is that?". He asked, adjusting himself.

"Am going to give you some time to go home and think about it, then give me update". I said.

"Fine girl, there's nothing to think about again. If have a business aside from this that you want us to do,good. I can't do pretending husband, am sorry". He said and sat up to walk out.

"Maybe you will change your mind later. Think about it when you gets home. Five Hundred thousand dollars " I said. 

"I've already made up my mind. There's nothing to think about again. Find someone who will help you out". He said and walked out of the office. 

I became so down and confused on what to do. My parents will be coming anytime soon. There's no time to find another person that will do this job. I covered my face with my palm and exhaled trying to figure out the next thing to do. I tried to figure out something but it seems my head had became blank, I can not think of anything. I try to get back to my work but I couldn't. I became restless and couldn't do anything the entire day.




I was in my office the next day ,still thinking of how to handle things when my best friend walked in. .



"You face is not bright today". She said as she sat down.

"He turned me down. He declined the offer". I replied.

"Who the hell will declined this offer. Did you in anyway try to convince him?" She asked.

"Babe, that guy is only interested in business driving and he bluntry said NO". I said.

"But he will reconsider right". She asked.

"With the way he responded to me, I don't think so, but I told him to think about it". I said.

"The problem is that we don't even have time, we don't have time". She said.

"Exactly, I only have one week before my parents arrive. Who ever I choose now, I need to teach him what to do, about my home, my job, everything. Am confused. I can't think of what to do at the moment.". I said hitting my palm on the table.

"But we can get him a replacement, right?". She asked.

"I hope so". I said feeling more worried and tired about the whole issues.

"Don't worry, everything will be alright. We will fixed it. it will be OK". She said.

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