After working for some hours, I decided to go and see jack, then tell him about the contract as well. I got to his shop and explained everything to him.

"Are you seriously telling me that you did not take the contract? So you just shunned down fave hundred thousand dollars just like that?" He asked.

"So you don't like how you are seeing me everyday. You don't like it right? If she disappear one day, what do you think will happen to me? Am not ready for any trouble". I said.

"At least be useful to yourself. You like how you are suffering right?. A very good opportunity that God gave to you and you smashed it on the ground. You are very useless". He said.

"You must be stupid". I fired back.

"You are an idiot. Only a stupid person can declined this offer. This is even a opportunity to be fucking a big girl for free with free foods." He said.

"In your mind now you are making sense right? I don't want to do, is it a problem? If it's easy as you think, you can go and replace me". I said.

"Its you that she want not me. You know what I can do if she offered me that contract. You know me very well. Better go and grab that money." He said.

"I've made up mind. I won't do it". I said trying to walk out, towards my car.

"If not that I know who you are, that I know you before. I would have said you are a mad man. Only a person that have lost his or her sense will decline this offer." He said.

"Did you just called me a mad man? You are the one that is mad". I retorted.

"Is like you are destined to be poor. You like suffering". He said.

"Shut up. You know am feeding well. I know you will jump and grab the offer without thinking twice because you are greedy. Am not like you. It's greedy person like you that falls victim to scams easily.". I said.

"She offered you $500k , you rejected it and choose to continue suffering. Are you sure you are not possessed? You got a deal as huge as $500k in broad day light and you threw it away. Am disappointed". He said.

"It's non of your business". I said.

"You will die suffering"

"Its you that will die suffering". I fired back. We exchange words and I drove off with my business afterwards.






*Jennifer POV*

(Few weeks later)

I was in my house, lying down on my bed one Friday morning when I heard the gate open and a car drove in. I wasn't expecting anybody except my parents. I changed to my house dress and left the room to downstairs.

I stepped down only to see my dad and my mom. They look to happy watching me as I stepped down the stairs to the big sitting room. I was happy but the same time, sad and worried that I couldn't get someone to act as my husband. They must be disappointed after requesting to see my husband. I have made up some lies to fill their mind even when I know the lies must bring disappointment to their heart. 

"My baaaaby". My mom said , smiling at me. 

"Mom. Dad". I said.

"Come come, come and give me a huge baby. its been long". She said and I walked closer , then hugged her. I managed to smile as i look at my dad who is filled with joy. After hugging my mom, I hugged him too.

"I wasn't expecting you guys". I said.

"We wanted to give you a surprise". My mom said. laughing.

"But what if I wasn't around". I said.

"That would have been better. It would have given us more time to spend with our son in-law, you know, before your arrival." My dad said and both laughed.

"By the way, where is our son in-law?. Because I can't wait to meet him" My mom asked, looking round the house.

"Me too". My dad added and that when it got down to me. 

"Oh his..he...his...he went out" I managed to say. And to my outermost surprise of two centuries. I heard a voice from my back say; "Am here now".

I turned my head slowly to see Mike, standing with smiles on his face. He cut his hair and beards. He wore a blue fine suit with a black shoe. The suit was so costly that I began to think on how he managed to dress that way. He looked so handsome on the dress. He have a ring on his finger. He looked fully prepared for the job. 

I was taken aback upon seeing him. I thought he will not come. He just gave me the greatest suprise of my life. My parents were glued on him. Maybe because of how handsome he looked. Yeah, I won't lie. He's sooooo handsome and manly.

He walked up to me and gave me a peck. I kept looking at him. wondering if I was dreaming. 

"Nice to see you sir" He said as he stretched out his hand and gave my dad a hand shake.

"You are welcome my son. So good to see". My dad replied with a broad smile on his face.

"So good to see you sir. Am really happy to see you sir. You are welcome ma. You guys are welcome. Oh my goodness.

Ahhhhh sweetheart, your parents are here. How was the trip? He asked them. He was acting so professional. Acting so perfectly than a expected. He's very good and smart. Acting as if he had married before. 

"It went well. actually we arrived to state yesterday but decided to lodge on a hotel. At least to rest and freshen up before coming here today". My dad explained.

I stood there watching them as they kept talking, not knowing what to say as am still on shock of everything happening at the moment.

"I actually understand sir. You look so great on this attire". He said

"So how is work my son". My mom asked.

"Work is wonderful. You know what, I will just get a domestic staff to get your stuff and check you guys to your room. Then rest and loosing up a little, you know..... We have so much to talk about. Plenty stuff to talk about, you know." He said smiling and laughing out loud.  

"He's so handsome" My mom wispared to me as he kept talking and demonstrating with his hands.

"Where is this boy. Let him come and show you guys the room. After you sir, this way". He said and to help out, my domestic worker arrived and accompany them to the room.

"So nice to see you guys". He said raising his voice a little bit high as they walked towards their room.




I walked up upstairs and he followed me. I've not talked to him since his arrival. I opened the door and entered my room and he entered and close the door.

I stood and watched him as he kept looking round the room, watching how everything was arranged with a satisfactory grin on his face. He looked at me and smiled while i kept looking at him with a straight face.

"Hey, why are you staring at me like that, huh?. Is that how you gonna stare at your husband all day, huh? ". He asked, facing me this time.

"Who showed you my house and, how come you can speak good English". I asked, crossing my arms across my lower breast.

"Finding where you stay, it's very simple. I did my research. For speaking good English. The thing is that, am literate. Am not an illiterate, am schooled. ERM. Circumstances of life could just like have the right to changed things, and am not opportuned to get a good job after school. Any more question?" He asked with smiles on his face.

"Am confused, how come you...."

"I showed up OK. My time was perfect right? You don't wanna know how long I rehearsed , you know , for this role. You know how one can rehears when he knows he's going to play a role like a professional actor. So I was ready and prepared for it, you know. ". He said, still keeping the cute smiles on his face. I kept looking at him, not knowing what to say again. I really underrated him before. I was just dumbfounded.

"You know what? Am very hungry right now and a need a change of wardrobe." I said as he removed his suit and rose it on a couch.

"Do you have clothe that I can change into" He asked as he noticed am not talking.

"As a great researcher that you are, am sure you can tell that am a lady and I do not keep male pants in my house". I said.

"And as a great employer that you are, you should know that this kind of role requires full wardrobe, you know." He said smartly.

"That can be taking care of". I replied as a kept staring at him.

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