CH008: Atrocious Villain of the Slums

While Alek Cider was confronting her stalker, the slum of Yolo City received their most hated visitor, Attorney Adonis. 

Attorney Adonis had brought a demolition notice signed by the mayor of the city and the demolition team to measure the land property of every household. He also brought unsigned agreements to distribute later to the informal settlers.

All of it was a hoax Attorney Adonis prepared. 

The demolition notice was something he made and forged the Mayor’s signature. The demolition team was thugs dressed up as professional constructors. The agreements he brought would take advantage of the naivety of the informal settlers. 

He planned everything ever so thoroughly using the knowledge he accumulated from working with different people in the City. 

He, in fact, was not popular with his skills as a Lawyer. He spread the word of how mighty he was using public opinion. Most of the lawyers wanted to stay lowkey and he took advantage of it. Most of all, he was popular with criminals and thugs. He also partnered with local businessmen and entrepreneurs to clean their names and push the fault to someone else. 

He had been cleaning the dirt of the antagonists in the City for four years since he got his license. But the commission he got from those people could no longer satisfy his greed. He wished for more; he wanted more. 

Once the people from the slums signed the agreement, he could immediately support himself with solid evidence. It stated that they voluntarily handed over the rights of their settlement to him. And whatever he would do at the place, they could not say anything. 

Attorney Adonis subconsciously smirked. It lasted in an instant that no one could confirm whether they saw it right or not. 

“Is it true, Attorney? Will the City Mayor give us enough compensation to get out of the slums?” Jan beamed with a delightful smile on his face. He was looking forward to the “agreement” Attorney Adonis was talking about. 

Jan was one of the people who looked forward to catching the Mayor's attention. He wanted to be a hero, the talk of the whole neighborhood, and become an outstanding figure his family could look up to when he was gone. 

He could be described as an opportunist. 

Attorney Adonis’ eyes glinted with greed but quickly disappeared. He smiled humbly as he answered, “Yes. The City Mayor estimated to give each household an amount of one million Eastern Dollars.” Attorney Adonis lied through his teeth. 

The crowd gasped in unison. Their eyes twinkled. Their chest heaved up and down. They could not erase the smile on their faces. 

“That’s a lifetime’s worth of wealth!”

“I can live without working, having so much money!”

That’s it. I can easily make you sign the agreement afterward.’ Attorney Adonis danced ballet in his imagination. He was jumping like a little child and kept mouthing “hooray!” The image of him drinking a bottle of expensive champagne after being victorious also surfaced in his mind. 

Toro, who was about to go to the school, saw the group of people and eventually heard what the attorney promised. He frowned and joined the crowd of people. He heard the praises of gratitude and excitement from his neighbors. 

Toro did not go to school in the morning because he was not feeling good. He departed before noon to pass through to his siblings’ school in Debussy Institute and give them the lunch he made in case they don’t eat lunch again. 

He did not expect to witness the absurdity of the atrocious villain. His rationality blurred after hearing them sing high praises for that villain who hypocritically used the Mayor’s name for his schemes. 

His sight darkened but he wanted to observe more before taking action. Furthermore, his impulsive decisions were the very reason why they implicated Alek Cider. 

“When can we sign the agreement and receive the compensation, Attorney?” 

“As long as we could provide proof that you agreed with this place to be demolished.” Attorney Adonis snickered condescendingly. 

“Ah! What proof would you like to have, Attorney?” Jan butted in to catch the lawyer’s attention. 

“I have here the team the Mayor partnered with. They will demolish one house and take a photo to give to the mayor.”  

“Photo? Did you bring a camera with you, Attorney? Can we see it?”

“You’ll see it later.” Attorney Adonis snorted coldly and gestured to the thugs to come forward. 

“Who’s willing to have their house be demolished?” 

The crowd shut their mouths. They have not yet received the money from him and now he was asking who wanted to volunteer? 

Traces of perplexion appeared on their faces. They looked at one another, including Jan. His eyes caught a glimpse of Toro inquisitively watching the scene unfold. 

His grudge towards Toro and his girlfriend surfaced in his mind. He raised his hand and leached to Attorney Adonis again. “I know one unoccupied house, Attorney. It has been three days since the one inhabiting that house left.”

Toro squinted his eyes as he listened to the villain and Jan’s conversation. Among the people who lived in the slums, only Alek Cider had the guts to leave her home empty for a few days and nights. 

He subconsciously tightened the grip of the bag he was holding. 

“Lead the way.” 

Jan led the crowd to Alek Cider’s home. It was near the entrance so they did not walk too far. They immediately distinguished the girl’s house because of its unique features. 

The house was painted the same color as the land. It merged with the surroundings if the sunlight was bright. Coincidentally, the weather was cloudy and the camouflage house became obvious to see. 

“There’s no one here at all?” 

Jan nodded affirmatively. “No one at all.”

His words served as a signal for the thugs to move. They swiftly pound the large hammer on the wall and one corner of the house fell. 

Toro, who was a step late, saw them destroy Alek's house. He was dumbfounded and quickly sauntered beside Attorney Adonis. 

“Do you believe his words? You were just given a second benefit then you are willing to kneel right away? Do you even remember how many times that guy has fooled you?”


“You again!” Attorney Adonis blurted out. He realized his mistake and recomposed himself. “They can see what's good for them, unlike you.”

“I heard about the agreement. Have you read the content?”

“W-we haven't! But the Attorney was kind enough to read it for us!” Jan still defended Attorney Adonis. He may be wrong but it was his only chance to prove himself to everybody. 

The crowd realized their mistake and the smile on their faces vanished. They turned to look at Toro who stepped forward to face the attorney. 

“Give it to me.”

“Why should I give it to you? You are not even willing to sign it.”

“You are willing to let the illiterate read it but afraid for someone literate to read it?” Toro scoffed. “Who are you fooling, Adonis?” 

“Get him!” Attorney Adonis did not expect to face someone who could rebuke him to speechlessness like that girl… Grit-something. 

The thugs charged forward and surrounded Toro.

The crowd realized that they were almost fooled. Toro was only protecting them from suffering losses at the hands of the atrocious villain. 

It was not their fault, they prioritized benefits over rationality after all. Who knows, villains may also have a change of heart likewise how they changed their heart after being presented with benefits. 

They looked at the house and then to the girl’s friend. They let those hired thugs destroy the girl’s only treasure!

‘We should help Toro as a payment.’

‘We need a perpetrator.’

‘Tsk, tsk. Let’s just blame Jan’s head.’

They looked into one another and came to a mutual understanding. They nodded and simultaneously picked a stone or two. 


Like soldiers in a heated war, they charged backward to gain momentum when throwing stones. 


“Stop it!”

“Did you get hit, too?”

The thugs felt a pang on their back and their heads. Not just one but it continuously rained stones. They turned their back against Toro and also threw stones at the crowd. 

However, was 14 hands enough to rain stones towards thirty-seven people? And all of them were using their hands. 

The thugs and Attorney Adonis were bombarded with a hail of stones. Toro also got hit but he was swiftly moving towards the back of the thugs to throw stones at the villain. 

“We’ll leave now! But this is just the beginning!”

Attorney Adonis and his lackey marched away while shielding themselves from the stones. Their faces were swollen and their arms were bleeding, but the crowd felt they deserved it. 

“Yes! You keep saying “this is just the beginning” every time you fail!” Toro shouted before they could get far. 

“Don’t come back!”


The crowd laughed and cheered after successfully kicking the villains away. 

Well, except for one person. 

The crowd turned their heads and saw the cowering man behind Alek’s house. 

Knowing the house was good as camouflage, he thought they would not be able to see him. Unfortunately, he forgot to consider the weather. 

Jan saw them turn their heads at them thinking that they were doing it as sympathy for the broken house. He smiled foolishly as if he was able to escape from his predicament when a voice sounded from behind him. 

“Now, it’s your turn, brother Jan.”

Jan raised his head only to see Toro. ‘When did he arrive at my back?’ Then he glanced at the crowd at the front. Stones were bouncing from their hands. 



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