9: Those Who Won't Believe

“Let us congratulate our party’s main character, Miss Shania Dewy Grit.” The host announced amidst the harmonic atmosphere. 

All of the people stared at the start of the banquet entering from the entrance with her two-colored minimalist dress of white and purple. Her hair was done with sparkly ornaments and a dragonfly hairpin at the center-most of her head. Her purple-white peony earrings that symbolize beauty and elegance highlighted her appearance. 

She simply looked like a goddess that descends on Earth. 

“Mother,” Shania Dewy softly muttered and stared at the silent woman who sat with General Vanuatu and other big shots.

General Vanuatu laughed boisterously as he praised, “Madam Narine, you groom your daughter to be such a perfect lady. ”

“My, my. General helped me in the beginning and let us have a peaceful life in this city,” Narine answered merrily as she covered her mouth with her hand.

“I will be talking with the seniors, Ma.” Shania Dewy smiled sweetly to her mother before moving away.

The crowd started to talk about business and the auction later with the person beside them. They only shifted their attention once Shania Dewy approached them and sent her their congratulations. 

But the girl notices that most of the young ladies in the banquet were staring at one area. She curiously looked at the place and found a man who had a cold, unapproachable aura around him. He looked annoyed while staring at the General.

Does this man have a grudge against the general? Shania Dewy pondered as she approached him.

“Hello, my dear guest,” she said coquettishly with her cute voice as she tried to impress him.


“Uhm, hi?”  She awkwardly laughed and stepped in front of him. “May I know the name of this guest?”

“Who the hell are you?” He annoyingly called out. He frowned as he stared daggers at her.

Shania’s Dewy and those who heard him were petrified as they stared at him in shock.

“Wow. Is there still someone oblivious to her existence? What a bummer.” 

The unnamed guests whispered among themselves, although almost silently. They still wanted to see how the show goes. 

Shania Dewy tried to open her mouth out of displeasure when a dark-skinned lady with almost perfect proportions covered the guy’s mouth with an alluring grin. 

So this is why they said I am good at babysitting this scumbag. 

Jessi looked at a certain place before sighing in relief and said, “I’m apologizing on behalf of this good-looking boy who lacks manners, Miss Grit.”

The good-looking boy who lacked manners shot daggers at Jessi before flicking her hand off of him. 

“It’s fine. I was just baffled.” Shania Dewy said modestly while forcing herself to show an amicable smile.

The blind people sincerely praised her. They considered her smile as someone who felt shy after the unfolding of the event. 

Trujaen muttered silently, “She could not even recognize me. Are you all sure she lived in the Mainland before?”

Jessi who was sitting beside him only cast a glance at him for a short time. A thought also flashed in her mind but decided to trust the General’s insight. 


The atmosphere in the garden of the General’s Mansion was grave. A group wearing uniforms from their respective schools gathered and whispered sneakily. 

“Did you see how pretentious she is?” Daga whispered angrily. 

“Right! If the Oscar thing exists in this era, maybe she will have it every year.” Sicily agreed. 

The optimistic Haile also nodded her head profusely. She never talked.

“Then why are you all here hiding like spies?” A familiar voice sounded behind them. They turned their heads behind them and saw Toro’s tall figure. 

“Did Sister also come with you?” Sicily tried to suck on Toro, hoping that he wouldn't be angry at them. 

“Are you trying to avoid scolding?"

Sicily immediately raised both of her hands and shook her head profusely. “N-No, no. Of course, why would I be?”

Daga replied, “Because we sneaked out.”

“At least you knew,” Toro commended. He checked their uniform and said, “You should have at least changed your clothes.”

“These are the only new ones we have.”

“I thought Terrence received a charity from the one who was tailing him?”

Beaver flicked his hand when he was reminded of it. “We did! Shall we change now?”

Haile hit Beaver on the back of his head. Then Terrence reminded, “Our home is three hours away from here on walking.”

“Yes! And we still need to see Sister’s entrance!” Daga added. 

Toro sighed, “She has entered together with Quinn.”

“That old man is stealing my sister away!” Daga exclaimed. Out of nine of them, she might be a hardcore fan of Alek Cider. She continued, “Let’s go inside quickly and find her!” 

She grabbed Haile and walked away first. The rest of them followed. 

Almost no one noticed Quinn and Alek Cider when they entered. Most of the younger generation was focusing on one place. Meanwhile, the older generation gathered in small groups to talk about markets and investments.

In contrast, a small group of strict-looking people immediately welcomed Quinn and led him to an inconspicuous corner, Alek Cider followed behind him without knowing that she had been disregarded. 

“Little girl, come here and sit beside me.”

When Quinn called her did the people notice that their guest brought someone.

The girl’s presence was so weak that they didn’t even hear her walking. How come she was standing behind them just seconds ago?

“Is it finished?” Alek Cider asked while peeking at the stage. 

Their table was beside the light stand, near the stairs. It was so dark that their figure seemed to disappear from the surroundings. 

A moment later, a dark-skinned woman with an alluring figure walked to the stage, gaining everyone’s attention right away. 

A bell rang in their heads and went back to their respective seats. Their most awaited part of the event would be starting. 

Those who were outside also got inside and focused their attention on the lady. 

“Dear guests, I am Jessi Hwang, your host for tonight.” She paused and looked at the crowd. 

Her smile was plastered on her lips and continued, “There are three items to be auctioned tonight. Please check your tables and hold your numbers tight. The auction starts now!”

A white curtain was immediately raised and the extension of the stage appeared. A beautiful lad pushed a trolley forward. 

Inside was a prototype of a microwave oven. It was large and every part of the microwave was visible. Inside the microwave oven was an instruction manual. 

The big shots gasped in surprise. 

That item was one of the items introduced in Scholar Quinn’s book, ‘Convenient Appliances of All Times’.

It was a thin book consisting of items that their ancestors used in their daily lives. 

The way Quinn wrote it enticed their desire to own those things, especially the ladies. Unfortunately, the researchers and innovators were only able to replicate a quarter of the listed items. 

“Microwave oven is auctioned by a talented anonymous. This is a prototype made of recycled items. However, there is an instruction inside that contains the best materials to make it, so you won’t have any trouble experimenting with the final product.”

“The starting price is 3,000 IB!”

“16. 3,500!”

“12, 4,500!”

“21. 6,000!”

The price increased up to 30,000 IB. Ten times the initial amount.

The microwave oven prototype had been finally sold for 34,000 IB.

The next trolley entered. 

A piece of paper brought confusion to everyone. 

“The next item is a blueprint of…!”


(A/N: The timeline of the technology in their era is chaotic. They have televisions, air fryers, phones, etc, yet they don’t have radio and internet. For instance, they have bridges connecting all land, yet almost unaware of the existence of shipping lines and airlines. This is for Eastland.)

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