10: Couple of Weeks Ago

The microwave oven prototype was sold after 48 continuous bids. Those who were bidding and did not win felt a little disappointed, but not feeling grave. After all, it was just the first item out of three.

The next trolley was brought forward by another person after Jessi Hwang reminded the final bidder to claim his item backstage later when the event ended.

The next item lay inside the glass box to avoid flying.

It was a thick piece of paper with a large sketch at the center and small sketches around it.

The bigshots from the mainland tried to lengthen their necks but remained ignorant about the meaning of the item. Meanwhile, the local tycoons peeked at the item on stage for around three seconds before moving their gazes away. Bidding for them was like playing to give the event some thrill.

Anyway, they could not afford the amount to win an auction. Of course, they would maintain their bids to the range where they can afford to pay it in case they got lucky and won a bid.


[A/N: My hand hurts from writing the story on paper and transferring it by typing on the computer afterward. I may be getting older.]

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