CH012: Pitiful Little Lady

Quinn saw the little lady who was scolding him yesterday with an innocent smile on her face. She was picking here and there and did not even notice his presence.

He frowned. ‘Is she doing this because of what she said yesterday? She's broke so she… No way, she cannot find food in this place!’

“Little lady!” Quinn called out a few times before gaining the attention of Alek Cider.

Alek Cider looked at him and swiftly got down from the slope of the mountain.

“You are so quick. What time is it?” Alek Cider complimented and yawned. She has not slept yet. She thought it was still the night of the same day.

Darkness blanketed the sky. The moon and stars hung in the darkness, twinkling elegantly and inviting her to sleep with them.

“Four in the morning,” Quinn replied with a confused look on his face.

Alek Cider shook her head in disbelief. “No way but alright. Between the two of us, only you have the phone and that luxurious watch.” Alek Cider’s eyes twinkled seeing the watch on Q
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