Craving Talia
Craving Talia
Author: Reen


Placing down the wooden hairbrush, she let out a tired sigh before tying her long black into a tight secure ponytail. She liked it that way so it doesn't get in her way. She stared back at the blue eyes that were looking at her own and couldn't help but acknowledge the beauty in them. They were more of a dark shade of blue that many people thought was rare. 

The beauty in them wasn't just what was on the outside but the strength one could see in them. Her grandma always told her she was stronger than what people pinned her to be and since she was a kid she's always reminded herself those words till she believed them. 

Thinking of her grandmother brought tears to her eyes. Oh how she missed her! She missed her stories, her cooking, hearing her voice whenever she sang to her and most of all her smile. She had the most beautiful smile Talia had ever seen. At times she'd even envy her for not only her smile but the joy that radiated off of her even during the saddest moments. 

Talia wiped the tears that unintentionally run down her cheeks and tried to compose herself. She knew how much trouble she'd get into if she was found crying and trouble was really the last thing she wanted at this time. She tried to force a smile but regretted it the moment her right cheek ached from the stretch. The swelling was gone but it still hurt like a bitch.

She run her fingers along her cheek and was glad the hand print that had stumped itself earlier this morning had now faded. Letting out yet another tired sigh she fixed her hair into a bun and went into the bathroom. She run herself a bath before undressing and soaking herself in the warm water. 

" Your owner will be picking you up tomorrow so be ready. " said her aunt.

Those few words were enough to resurface the anger she'd tried to get rid of. She couldn't fathom how her life turned around so fast within the last two years. One minute she was living happily in her grandmother's farm house then the next  she's forced through halfway across the country to live with her aunt and her family for reasons she's never known.

She didn't know she even had an aunt until one day she came knocking on her grandma's door. All her life Talia has always know her grandma to be the only family she had so imagine the joy she felt when she found out she had other relatives. She was fourteen back then but even though she was young she was able to conclude on her own that her grandma and aunt weren't the best of friends.  

The sudden change of mood that took place the moment Elenore or rather madam Elenore, as Talia was forced to call her, arrived was obviously noticeable. Dressed elegantly in a green silky dress adorned with what looked like diamonds around the neckline and waist, she forced herself into grandma's house and took a seat uninvited. The first thing that came to Talia's mind was that her dress was meant for a cocktail party and not a visit to a farm house but that aside she hated her attitude at first sight. 

Yes she was beautiful but beauty didn't only stand for what's on the outside. It also stood for a person's heart and madam Elenore's could only be compared to one of a wicked witch. Talia was immediately sent to her room  for them to have some privacy. She walked up the wooden staircase and quietly closed the door to her room. Her room wasn't anything grand but she loved it that way. It was her space and the only place she could freely breath and think. 

It had a small bed, a nightstand drawer, a desk and chair where she stocked all the books grandma had bought for her and a wardrobe. She didn't get the chance to go to school so she took advantage of all the books she had. Grandma taught her a thing or two whenever she got the chance so she wasn't really illiterate. She had several novels that she got from the library in town and due to her addiction to reading the librarian allowed her to carry them home and return them when she was done. He was a nice old man that Talia had come to love. One thing she was sure about the guy is that he had a crush on her grandma. One time he wrote grandma a love poem and had to beg Talia not to say it was from him. Her grandma was mortified when she read it and sadly she tore it into pieces saying she was too old for such things. 

Talia sat at her desk and picked up the novel she had been reading that week. She flipped through the pages till she got to where she'd been reading. Reading is what kept her sane. It drew her to a different world and allowed her to imagine her life differently. It made her forget all she was facing even though it was only for moments. 

Talia was brought up by her grandparents. When she was ten her grandpa passed away having succumbed to cancer. She was really sad but through the years both her and her grandma have learnt to move on. He was their breadwinner so since then they've faced a good number of financial problems but they've made it through.

As she turned to a different page on the book she heard a loud bang downstairs followed by  a loud scream. Not wasting a single minute she rushed downstairs almost tripping on her steps. 

" Grandma! " she called out loudly. " Oh my God.... " 

She rushed to her grandmother's side kneeling down beside her body. A sob racked through her when her grandma let out a series of dry coughs. 

" What happened!? " she asked nobody in particular. 

" Oh she'll be fine. " I heard a bored voice say behind me. I raised my eyes and came face to face with madam Elenore's dark drown eyes. This time she had shrugged on a grey fur coat that gave her an all elegant look. Her red painted lips  curved into a small smile before she started picking on her nails that were too painted red. 

" Get her a glass of water. " snapping her fingers a big muscular man in black walked to the kitchen and brought a glass of water. Talia now realized that they had more company. Several men dressed in black were spaced out in the living room. They were intimidating in all kinds of manner causing a chill of fear to run through her. 

Talia placed her grandma's head on her lap and helped her drink the water. Her hands were trembling and she wasn't sure if it was the fear or worry she felt. Her grandma took slow sips with much struggle but she was able to finish the whole glass.

Before she was able to open her mouth and ask the very many questions that were at the tip of her tongue, she felt a firm hand grab her upper arm and pull her from her position. 

"Come on now Natalia. We have a long journey ahead of us. " she heard madam Elenore say as one of her many bulky guys pulled the small girl across the living room. She struggled against his tight grip but gave up when the monster of a man picked her up throwing her on his shoulder like a bag of rice.  

When they got outside she was forcefully placed in the back of a black car. She screamed for her grandmother but what she was met with was a hard slap from madam Elenore who got into the car minutes later. 

"Will you keep your trap shut! " she angrily demanded causing Talia to cower back in her seat. She had never been shouted at and the middle aged across from her just surprised her by doing so. Her loud voice was enough to scare her.

" Now that you're all calm maybe we can have a proper conversation. I'm Elenore, your aunt but you're only allowed to call me madam Elenore. I'm not going to bore you with details on how we're related but just know I'm your aunt. " Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear she continued, " From today you'll be living with me in New York. I'll raise you like my own child so don't worry. Also don't worry about your grandmother. She'll be taken good care of. For now I need you quiet so I could get some peace. Dealing with your grandmother has turned out to be more of a headache than I thought and all your crying right now isn't helping either. " 

Those were the last words the confused and frightened girl heard before she felt a prick on her arm then she was out like a light. 

That was two years ago and since then Talia's life has been more than miserable. Her aunt treated her so bad she began hating her own existence. She cried for the first few months till she got used to the harsh treatment. Her husband and children weren't any better. When they got tired of her they decided to do what led to this moment. Selling her to the highest bidder. 

She was sold two days ago at some sort of event that she can't even recall very well since she was basically drugged that morning. Now whoever bought her was to pick her up today. What she was sure of is that she already hated the guy. Why would someone buy another human being like goods! More so why would someone buy a sixteen year old for goodness sake! 

Her stomach growled reminding her that she hadn't eaten since last night. The news about her being picked up got to her and she wasn't able to eat. She sat in the tub for what felt like hours and only stopped her silent sobbing when she realized the water had turned cold. 

Picking up the towel that was at the side she rose from the bathtub and wiped herself dry then wrapped it around her petite frame. Hugging herself she wished her grandma was with her.Just as she was about to have another session of crying she heard a knock at the door that stuttled her out of her thoughts. She stood up on shaky legs having a good idea on who it was. Her palms were already sweaty and she had to wipe them down on the towel. 

Her worries were momentarily eased when a girl in a maid uniform entered the room and placed a black bag that hang from the hanger she held. She left not even a minute later without uttering a single word to her. Talia walked to where the bag was placed and opened it. Inside lay a crimson red dress that definitely had to be the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. It had thin straps joint to a low cut at the cleverage and was backless. It was knee length and seemed to be a perfect fit. The dress had her in a daze and she almost missed the card that came along with it. 

I hope red is your color

- C

She wasn't sure who C was but figuring it was ment for her she dropped the towel and put on the pair of underwear that came along with it before putting on the dress. She looked at herself in the mirror and couldn't help but smile at how beautiful the dress looked on her. On the vanity table sat a makeup kit. She applied on what she was comfortable with and within 10 minutes she was done. 

Satisfied with how she looked she walked over to the large window only to realize that the sun was almost down. Just as she began to admire the orange color the sun left behind the door to her room was swung open. 

Her aunt walked in with her usual small smile. 

"Mmh..... You look presentable enough. " she said before turning around.

" Come on. We can't keep the man waiting." With that she walked out. 

Talia took a breath before following her aunt out of her room.

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