Talia had always been a brave, courageous, free-spirited girl since her birth. She was always a happy girl that took life positively no matter the situation. She smiled through the pain with the hope that all was going to be fine. Well that was before her aunt took her from her grandma. Since then she became a shy timid girl whose brave side seemed to have vanished somewhere in between her now rough path. 

Now Talia felt nothing like hope or any positive emotions. Her heart felt null and void. As she walked behind her aunt, eyes lowered the the ground pliantly , she remembered the last update she got from her about her grandma. She told her that she was doing well and that she had no complications with her illness.  Talia wasn't sure whether or not to believe her since that was basically what she was told every other week but for once since two years ago she decided to be positive. 

Walking down the corridor beside her aunt,  she took slow breaths to calm her racing heart as they approached the front doors. Eyes downcast,  Talia felt cool air touch her cheeks as she stepped outside the house  she was forced to call home. Somewhere at the back of her mind she was thankful for finally leaving that horrid place but the reminder of her not knowing where she was going made her want to stay.  

Talia raised her eyes from the ground and looked around her. She recognized some of the guards that stood around as madam Elenore's. Her aunt was rich but it seemed as though her wealth wasn't enough for her if she sold her. Her claiming to want to raise her then suddenly selling her even before she became of age raised so many questions. Deciding she'd try finding answer some other time she shook her head.

Before them stood a tall blond man in a black suit. He wore sunglasses and a charming smile on his face. He was of average built and looked nothing older than twenty seven. He was good-looking to say the least. The guy gave Talia a wink that had her cheeks flushing in embarrassment for being caught staring at him. For a moment she wondered if he was the guy that bought her. 

The stranger let out a whistle as he dramatically checked her out while removing his shades . 

" No wonder Cesar is all crazy about you... " Talia heard the man say as he folded his glasses and placed them in his breast pocket. 

" Let's get this over with Damien. " madam Elenore  wasn't a particularly patient person and this moment was enough to prove just how eager she was to get rid of her. 

" Yeah yeah... " the said Damien guy responded as he still looked over at Talia. He took her hand that was at her side and placed a kiss at the back of it. Talia was surprised by the action but knowing he might be her new owner she looked at the ground beneath her. 

" Hello beautiful. My name is Damien. " he said with a friendly smile. Talia just replied with a simple hello not knowing if she was needed to state her name or if the guy already knew it. 

Through the years her aunt has been able to crush the strong headed girl she once was. If it were back then she'd definitely have not accepted to be pushed around. She really wish she had the strength to fight against all that's being done to her but sadly she didn't have it in her. 

" All her stuff will be delivered later but for now you can have her and be on your way. " Talia rolled her eyes at her aunts obvious joy at having her gone.

" You seem happier about this than Cesar, Elenore. " he said now completely facing Talia's aunt. When Elenore ignored him, Damien fished out his sunglasses and put them on. 

Taking Talia's hand he led her to a white car and opened the back door for her. Talia nodded her head in appreciation at the gesture the climbed into the car. The door was closed moments later then Damien went in through the other door and sat next to her. 

Talia stiffened for a moment in the confined space but let herself relax as the car left her aunt's driveway. Young Natalia had so many questions that she wanted to voice out to the man next to her but couldn't find the courage to do it.

As if reading her mind he spoke up, " You got a lot of questions I suppose. " he simply said, " Go ahead you can ask me anything. "

The man had showed Talia some kindness so she took comfort in it and decided to ask for the answers she'd been dying to know. 

" Are you the man who bought me? " she asked. Her voice was so low that Damien almost missed her question.

" No I just work for him. " he said a pretty smile in his face.

" Who is he? " she asked. 

"Well I can only tell you his name since I don't know how exactly I can explain him to you. He's called Cesar Moore. " 

"I guess you also can't explain why he bought me, can you? "  she asked now fully facing him. Damien showed her she could be comfortable around him so that's what she did. 

He let out a hearty chuckle before speaking, "I'm sure that question should be directed to him so yes I can't answer that. "

Him not having answers to her main questions made Talia get bored with their question asking session. She folded her arms across her chest and slumped back in her seat. 

" One more thing though, " he said raising a finger for emphasy, " Don't say you were bought and for the love of God don't call Cesar your owner. " 

Talia didn't understand why he'd tell her that when it was clear she was bought and that whoever bought her was her owner. She chose not to think much into it and instead chose to look out the window. 

The view outside the car window made Talia's mind drift off to how different her life would have been if she were still at her grandma's house. Maybe right now they would have been walking to the market to get what they needed for dinner. Talia smiled at the memory of them singing and dancing on the road without a care in the world. Grandma would do the singing and she'd dance like crazy only making her grandma laugh. She sighed when she realized it was all but a wish.

The driver drove past several lavish estates before he stopped in front of  large grey gates. He honked twice before two guards came up to him. They exchanged few words that Talia couldn't hear due to their low voices but soon enough the grey metal doors were opened.

Talia's attention was captured by the view revealed as the gates opened. 

A large modern-day house stood some distance from where they were. It was the most beautiful house she'd seen. Even from far it screamed luxury. It's outer walls were either painted black, white or grey. Some of its walls were made of glass and through the glass walls she could see the elegant setting of furniture. She felt anxious not only because she was to meet the man named Cesar but also because she so much wanted to explore the house before her. 

The driver parked the car in front of grey double doors. The owner must have a thing for grey, she thought. Damien hopped out first the held a hand for Talia to take. Talia hesitated for a minute before she took his hand. He led her towards the doors after thanking the driver. He unlocked them and she concluded he was a regular at that house since he didn't even knock. 

Natalia's jaw dropped open and she had to force it closed once she saw the inside. She couldn't help the words that left her mouth, " Holy fucking cow..... " she said murmured. 

The inside was like nothing she'd ever seen. She couldn't even find the right words to describe what she was seeing. Sleek furniture in bold dark colors of brown, grey, black or white were spread out accordingly in the room. The floor was made of polished wood and marble tiles. Everything screamed expensive and she was scared she'd ruin things by just looking at them. 

"Won't you come in? " she heard Damien say making her look up at him. 

He walked further into the house and she followed his lead. He led her to a white couch and asked her to wait for him there. Talia was nervous at this point. Overwhelmed by a lot of things and seriously nervous. She straightened the invisible wrinkles on her still beautiful dress as she tried to calm herself. She wasn't sure how she managed to keep it together without freaking out but she knew even if she freaked out nothing would change. 

She remembered back at her aunt's house when she once tried to escape having had enough of being mistreated but her plan went as far as her getting to the gate. She didn't even know where she'd go even if she was able to escape. She was penniless and not to forget still underage. She thought of going to the police but with how influential her aunt seemed she immediately discarded that idea. 

At her aunt's place she always envied her so called cousin. They were like 3 and 2 years older than her, a male and female. The male was at least nice to her at times but the female was a total bitch. She showed off every chance she got but Talia never felt bad about the material things she flushed at her. She only felt bad because they got to go out whenever they wanted to but for her the furthest she could go alone was the gate. 

Talia breathed through her nose deciding to forget about them. She heard voices from behind approach where she was making her freeze. From the corner of her eyes she could see two figures approaching the couch next to her. 

She dared steal a glance at who had joined her and to say her breath was taken away would be an understatement. Talia thought she'd been breathtaken by how beautiful the house was but it seemed as though it's beauty was nothing compared to what she was looking at right now.  

She swallowed hard and suddenly her mouth went completely dry. Stormy grey eyes stared back at her and the intensity in them made her look away so fast her neck hurt. Even having looked away pictures of the man standing merely feets away still flashed before her eyes. A mop of messy brown hair, thick brows, grey eyes, a sharp nose, strong jaw that was covered with just the right amount of facial hair and full pink lips. That was just about the simplest description she could give. Her only vocabulary for him was beautiful. 

Gaining the courage she looked at him again, this time paying attention to the whole of him. Standing at what looked like 6'5, he held the aura of power and dominance. Immediately Talia's submissive side came out and at that moment she'd have done anything for the man even without knowing him. He was dressed in a white dress shirt with its sleeves rolled to the elbow giving a good view of his muscular forearms that were covered in veins. Talia had never enjoyed looking at veins that much. His hands were dipped in his black dress pants that finely hugged his thighs. 

Having been raised by her grandma, Talia was the kind of girl that never looked at a male twice but this time she wasn't sure what came over her. This time she was staring at the man before him like he was the only other person in the room. She was completely captured by his beauty. She'd read romantic novels before that described the male protagonists in ways that made them seem like they were out of this world and looking at the man before her made her deem him novel worthy. He should be a celebrity or something, she thought. His looks were enough to get him on the cover of the top country's magazine!

" You're literally drooling, you know that? " a deep husky voice said. The question snapped her back to reality. She raised her hand to her mouth and surely enough she felt a wet substance at the side. Way to go Talia! 

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